Pandemic impact on Black Friday shopping

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Is the first year at that. Most of the stories about black friday are being done about what's happening online this year keeping packages a secret may be challenging. You wanna make sure. There's enough time for shipping actually being called ship and get it and i think what sometimes people might not realize is even though we see all of this online shopping and we're certainly seeing a huge amount more of it this year than last twenty to thirty percent more over black. Friday are the expectations. They're still by and large more shopping happening in stores. So even though this year we will see online shopping up. Twenty to thirty percent and in store shopping down about five percent about two thirds or even three quarters of the full dollars spent over. The holidays will actually be spent in stores of analysts are right and analysts by the way are expecting this to be a strong holiday. retail season. the national retail federation. Expect spending to be up anywhere between about four percent and five percent this year. A number of estimates say that overall retail spending over the holidays will top trillion dollars. But are we gonna see the sort of sales like is it. Is it like morally acceptable this year to have your big doorbuster sale out of people gathered outside like the. That's still happening where people just want to shop anyway. A lot of the major retailers have said. We're not doing that anymore on thanksgiving day and they're going to have a lot to deal with on black friday on the traditional black friday when many will open their doors when stores open if you do go to the store bring patients because there'll be strict limits on the number of people allowed in each store Mascow required it. Also social distancing will be enforced. And i think it will be a much more orderly black friday than years past. Which doesn't necessarily get your heart beating as quickly when you when you when you wait in line and then you're sort of orderly let into a store in small numbers at the same time where you're going to see a lot of the quote unquote doorbusters is online doorbusters. If you truly want the best price a big factor is when to by many deals are live as we speak or dropping like wednesday night of this week and that's really changing the sheep of shopping people don't need to go to stores anymore and i think that's just more of what we're going to see in the

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