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Audio and consumer it businesses. She leads the way in cultivating foundational partnerships for the us t business with xbox net flicks and espn and instilled a brand mission to lead through service to gamers streamers in sports fans in pursuit of their passions and according to our back to school. Study seventy five percent of gen. Z responders are saying that the influence their parents purchasing habits in particularly in tech. Grace hoping you can share a little bit more about that would like to. I'm good on the record. I know her survey says seventy five percent. I'm gary Believe it's one hundred percent in his fascinating to watch kids voices in homes compared to thirty forty years ago. Greece read to. Have you hope you and your family are well. There was something when i was. You know the team doesn't credible job for me. Prepping for these. But i'm one hundred percent improv. But out of respect because i'm nearly couldn't so much i started to speak atieno mike. I feel a little guilt that the team puts in so much work hours and hours for these things. And then i come on and just wing it and so i decided to glanced. I've gone from nothing to a glance. And in that glance. I saw that simpson's talking a lot about adding boundaries families adding boundaries boundaries during this time transforming the homes. I thought that was super fascinating and was dying. Couldn't wait to get to you and hear what that meant and what you're seeing so let's start there okay so first of all. I think it's awesome that you don't listen to your team and you go off the rails because i'm the same way and it's amazing it's brady look reading with you and by the way on record that that has nothing to do with my team. That is my own personal shortcomings. I think it's yours free but my shortcomings teams. And i'm sure your team's legit but go ahead fire engine percents now. My team is all smarter than me. But you know whatever anyway. So let's talk about that. Here he It's really my kobe's like brought so many insights to our team you realize in difficult thing. How many rooms and environments that you go through it right so like imagine you wake up in your room. You traveled to your house and get out the door. You like go to the gym and then you go. You know grab coffee and you go to work for your kids go to school and that night you might go to dinner at a restaurant and basically covert happened and all those drums and environments went away every single one of them right like no more movie theaters. No more anything and then you were home in the same house with your family. Twenty four hours a day and people really start. I mean we were as humans adapt and we started pivoting and really leaning towards technology and our screen had a huge role in that though. They started to us for entertainment for learning for fitness. Ask for all of those things to take the place of movie theaters in your office in your classroom And it was really cool. Because i feel like when you talk about technology you know people get so tied up in features and that's not why we exist right like this to us was not like a just a business opportunity but it was a call to service like a reminder of our purpose to create technology to help people and we we like we. We came capacity man like we had like the coolest thing that we launched was the author. Tv which wasn't supposed to launch for months later and we're like people are canceling their vacation. They're no longer getting on planes and going to spain or going you know like they're not even going to shore because who knows what airbnb duration is going to be right right. So how do we create that experience in your backyard. How do you start entertaining people in open spaces and we l like we asked escalated and with the launch of this product so that we could create an additional room in your face But we did that with the content in our. Tv's with we did that with new tv. Coming out with our life fell brand. I mean it's been it's been. It's just been tremendously challenging time. But very cool right like this is why we exist totally understand.

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