The Pats don't get to face off


Sometimes the game playing decision making they come a little bit later and the process with a team you dont know as well as I said, to try to prevent, you know, making a steak and doing something that Um, actually, this side is not really what you want to do kick off Sunday at one. Elsewhere in the NFL. This week's Ravens Steelers game has been postponed from tomorrow night until Sunday afternoon after a string of positive covert 19 tests in Baltimore. The two other Thanksgiving Day games are set to go on as scheduled. The lines take on the Texans at 12 30, followed by Washington. Dallas at 4 30, former Boston Bruins defenseman Johnny Boy, Chuck has called it a career. He's hanging up his skates after 13 years in the NHL, Dan Watkins You be easy. Boston's news radio 7 43 traffic and weather together. Super retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes and we're having some serious problems on the expressway. Here's my King. Yeah, well, a little good news there. Madison. You know, we had a pretty bad crash Expressway north before Furnace Brook Parkway. Exit. Eight left lanes were blocked for quite a while. Here's the good news. All lanes have reopened there. But the delays continue back to route 37 back onto the top of Ruth, three. But now seeing how all lanes have reopened, their the delays should start to filter out pretty quick. We'll see. We'll keep an eye on it now. Things

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