Your iPhone may have a COVID tracking feature

Mac Minutes


Can you trace back where you've been over the past week with accuracy and without some significant thought it would take me a while and i'm sure would not be completely accurate. You're about to learn how to make it perfect with your iphone. You can have the data in minutes because your iphone knows where you are at all the time and where you've been in a second we'll show you how to trace back days if not weeks into your past. This part of the procedures important apple takes privacy very seriously in the data is stored on your iphone and not elsewhere. Furthermore you need your password to get the data. Prepare yourself for shock when you look at your history. It will show you your location time frequency and a map. You can notify people who you might have come in contact within minutes. Why isn't this common knowledge. And being publicized when lives are at stake. I'm not sure. Why here. At the mac minutes podcast will make sure you know how awful you can delete location services and turn it off if you prefer. It's really a neat way to track back without a lot of thought

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