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Will definitely be a different and refreshing change. Once President elect Joe Biden takes office would imagine that the New administration will understand the importance of congressional oversight and not stone while the Congress the way this president has. Congressman Adam Schiff says he'll also be pushing for pro democracy reforms after President Trump's pardon of his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, would help deter abuses of the pardon. Power. Enforce provisions of the Hatch Act. Expedite congressional subpoenas protect whistleblowers and Inspector General's A lot of Good governance measures that are like the post Watergate reforms of our generation. The congressman ads he believes Mr Biden will do everything to work with GOP lawmakers and in turn, he says he hopes they reciprocate. Karen Adams came next. 10 70 news radio. There's a new effort by President Trump to avoid legal responsibility and a rape allegation made against him. The U. S. Justice Department has now filed an appeal of a judge's ruling that throughout a request that the United States replaced President Donald Trump as a defendant in a defamation lawsuit. At issue is an incident in the 19 nineties in which columnist Aging Carol claims that Trump raped her. Trump denied the allegation. In a June 19th statement, and Carol sued for defamation substance. In the U. S. For Trump would leave taxpayers holding the bag for any payout ordered in the case. I'm Oscar Wells Gabriel 7 41 and can extend

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