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In pretty good shape. Downtown Fort Worth had a little bit of a bunch of North bound. I 35 w around 1 21 earlier looks like even that's moving pretty well. But W B A P first traffic on the ones I'm Monte Cook. There's no turning back classic trip early in Grapevine is in the final stretch to finish first in the nation were hoping the N Make no payments until March. 2021 more Silverado stun Anyone see it all the classic trip Early, calm, Find new roads. Proofreading insulin levels. Interest accrues from native transaction. Double Deba forecast today. Increasing clouds behind her 72 Tonight cloudy with a loner 49 Right now. Partly cloudy and 51 degrees News brought to you by classic Chevrolet President Trump issued a pardon to his former U. S. National security adviser Michael Flynn. Correspondent Lauren Blanchard report President Trump Tweeted last night. He knows at least one person having quote a truly fantastic Thanksgiving, his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, granted a presidential pardon. General Flynn is now safe from the possibility of jail time despite two guilty pleas for lying to the FBI. The judge in Flynn's case was expected to rule any day on Flynn's request to throw out the case, Flynn's family said in a statement. After the part in announcement. They are grateful to the president and

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