Borrowing the Bangles looking for other win, they hook up with Lamar Jackson. The Ravens later on.



A lot of money during this pandemic. I mean, college football. I'm just holding on for dear life. It's brutal. It's tough. Have no fans. You don't know what to expect. But we're still delivering the coin for because that's what we do here on sharp charity segment self last week for 51. That was our worst week so far on the season 20 to 17 in one healthy 56% all time 3 93 3 25 28 pushes That is 55% also very healthy. Let's go first up through three college 33 College seven NFL Today. University of Louisiana Monroe. All right, at Liberty, Liberty, the Flames laid a hefty number. That number is 19 now. Louisiana Monroe, Honey, they're They're rough. They've been outscored 1 41 to 60. So for their own four, they lose every game by an average of 20 points, whereas you look at the flames right here. They have a top 10 defense, and they also hang about 160 yards of total offense on yourself. This is and I haven't had one of these yet in college football to be fair. I am just hoping for a good old fashioned ass kicking. I'm laying the 19 have the good team, you know, Flex early, the much better team flex early, pound him into submission. And

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