Mysterious monolith appears in Newnan


Move on finely chelsea at the manila. Just tell us out. The art world has reacted to the appearance of this enormous metal block in the utah test at first. The world responded in a sort of excited and generous way. So i think this thing appeared. It was spotted by a helicopter. That was being some environmentalists. These guys were counting bighorn. Sheep in the utah desert and spotted this. I think it's about twelve foot. High shiny metal monolith there amongst the red rocks and for a while. It was exciting. Because i think there was. There was some intimation that might be a an unknown work. By the great scope to joan mccracken. He created his planks in his columns. These great shiny minimalist objects. Which have this have a mystical power to stand in front of them. They sort of reflect you but you kind of lose yourself in them and so everybody was very excited about that quite quickly. he's gallery said we're actually no. It's not by him. He's got rivets on he'd never vs rivets and things like this and then they sort of all these sorts of other events these other molesters appearing in the art will very bored very quickly. And i think that's where we are right now. They keep appearing not. I did a quick google search and this another monolith has appeared somewhere else and it was olive white. Various the world romania months left right and center. But everybody's going to be with you think whoever's doing it to stop

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