Only 80's Kids Will Fear This


You're walking along the path in the woods. Maybe you're on a hike. Maybe you're headed to a picnic. The sun is shining and the warm breeze. Ruffles your hair suddenly. You're halted in your step. Your back foot is sinking into the ground. You try to play your other foot firmly to lever yourself out now. Both feeders sinking. It's quicksand. You'll be swallowed alive. You struggle to get free but that only makes it worse you'll be sucked under in a matter of seconds except my name's moxy and this is your brain on facts. Let me open. Today's topic that being things eighties. Kids were taught to be afraid of that. Aren't actually things we need to be afraid of i. This topic was voted on by supporters at patriot dot com slash your brain on facts and secondly that the research led me in directions. I wasn't expecting so the final product is as much a surprise to me as it will be to the listener. You do when your clothes catch fire and it always seemed like when not if the same thing you never see anyone on. Tv or youtube do when they find themselves doing surprise johnny storm. 'cause play. Stop drop enroll. Earning close burn you. Stop drop and roll because people burn to a message from the new jersey department of community affairs bureau virus thing if you try to tell me that a single year of elementary school passed in the eighties without the stop. Drop and roll lesson. I call you a liar. You were going to catch fire early. That much was clear but as someone who hates her home with wood and has been through two house fires and a lightning strike. Let me test that catching fire is not the inevitability we were led to believe but the lesson wasn't wrong as much as it was. Maybe a little late children's clothes and blankets catching on fire had been a common tragedy in households for centuries back in olden times when your heat and light and not a small amount of entertainment all came from some manner of flame. My mother's family actually lost a little one that way. Time and human advancement helped to drive down the frequency of juvenile incendiary casualties candles gateway to gaslight which was replaced with light bulbs and fireplaces were replaced with heat pumps the ignition sources were fewer and farther between but technology is nothing if not a double edged sword enter at the same time synthetic fabrics which rather than burning like cotton and wool would burn drip spread and adhere to skin. The truth of the matter is eighties. Babies were among the first kids to have a substantially lower risk of clothing fire incidents. Thanks to nineteen seventy five's formation of the consumer product safety act. Well actually a lot to nineteen fifty. Three's flammable fabrics act. But then i guess we should go back to nineteen forty-five end gene. Autry for those without a standing dinner reservation at golden corral for four thirty gene autry was a cowboy crooner who made his mark in radio tv and films for over three decades back in where a brand is a brand where the long hunt being celebrity. He had merch including branded cowboy costumes for all the little ones at halloween thousands and thousands of these were sold across the country. Then the tragedies began between late nineteen forty two and continuing until at least nineteen fifty four. An unknown number of children were badly badly burned. When the fuzzy fabric of the chaps came in contact with an ignition source and the entire garment would catch. It was three long years from the first incidents where people began to understand that something specific was wrong. Here that the material used for the chaps was the cause of these tragedies it was so flammable the entire outfit would go up in a matter of seconds before the child or parents even knew what was happening to react. This was the nineteen forties a time. Well before the constant global connectivity that we've been used to for twenty plus years so news of these incidents remained is located and the picture incomplete.

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