Ben Rector Gets in the Christmas (and Thanksgiving) Spirit


Your christmas album of ben. Rector christmas is so brilliant so much. I'm glad you like it really like it. We were listening to it this morning. The office i've been listening to it. While i'm baking at my house through an thanksgiving song that hit like i mean people went nuts for that thing. I was actually really surprised. So i was gonna my manager. Greg was like hey like you should really try to write some original christmas songs and i was like well. I think what people don't understand about christmas music is it's they're used to the song so you don't really remember how good they are. It's really like the greatest hits of the last hundred years of music truly. You'd like i just write another christmas song. It's like the last three songs that were added to the holiday music. Canon gary and then wham and paul mccartney and paul mccartney went on like honestly like various weirdly similar since christmas and so i was just like been a million people. Try to write christmas songs. And even once some that are pretty good and it's just like i it's just tough to exist in that world because the classes are so good and i was like maybe right thanksgiving song so it came out like better than i thought it would and i thought it would just be like. Oh people will maybe like this song. That's great and then as it kinda started to happen like radio. A lot of radio stations played it and like it was like kind of rolling. And i was like what if this could actually become like the thanksgiving song i people reacted to it. More strongly than i thought they would. I thought it'd be a song and everybody was like this song. I was like that's awesome right. I mean apple picked it when it apple that made it. They're like song of the day is amazon amazon. I mean that is no joke. Then it was it was. It was a on the radio. Top ten song crazy. What a so what happens now is not you. Will you sing that when you are on the road next year i thought about that i was like i think in the month of november. I probably could really we did like how after thanksgiving because it went well enough that i think all of us were like wait. This could actually like if we pushed it for a couple more years. It's possible that it would happen every year because a lot of radio people were like we had to make this tradition. And i was like from your lips to god's ears like mass idea. You've had what i'd new can. I'm like a body going to be on my pinky but yes we had a caller just like what could we do to try to make this happen again next year. So i would imagine that. I will play it if i do shows november. That's a good month to do it. But i don't know if i could do it before then but i would love it if it became something any honestly outside of radio or whatever it just became something that people wanted to listen to around thanksgiving that would make. That'd be happy enough with that. I just i had door. It's so this is against unfunny. It's such a kind song. Thank you so much just feels very like friendly and understanding. I wanted it to feel like a like a warm hug. Yes did that. That's why you accomplish. That was the goal. That ain't how it feels. And i i will be interested i. I wonder if it's if it's the ted lasso of music in that you love that people get your face you gasped. Here's the thing in two thousand twenty. Ted lasso is the medicine we needed island. Think that will stay true and twenty twenty one and i think that's true of your song. I'm a big believer. That i think like sincerity is gonna come back because i feel like so much of pop culture in the last little while has kind of been like ironic and like not as much just like heart on your sleeve sincere and i kinda think that especially also with there being not just in two thousand twenty but in general a little bit less like human connection and a lot more like connection online or like digitally in whatever way i kind of think sincerity is gonna feel wonderful for a while. I think that's going to be like the new cool thing. Maybe because it just like so much stuff is a little bit cool and like irony. And whatever and i think that that stuff can be great. I think that some of the stuff that started to connect ted lasso other stuff like that. I think people kind of like yearning for like. Oh yeah just like good stuff connection. How did you decide. What christmas songs on this with. All those options. Yeah i honestly. Half of making the christmas record was just because it sounded fun to like to arrange and seeing some of those songs so a lot of it was just like i was like these songs on the most fun to do and i think the idea is that like my hope with the album is it will over the next however many years add to it at different places and have like other volumes of it. Oh yes so. I think instead of being like i'm gonna wait for years and make another christmas record like literally next year. We might just like do three more songs and do another like a different edition of the vinyl or something. Let so some of it was knowing that i was like. This isn't the only christmas record ever gonna make so there's no pressure but a lot of it honestly was just like these songs. Sound the most saying what a great thing about how music is created industry and twenty twenty. Plus is that you can go. Let's add three more to that. And it just upload to spotify or upload apple or yeah right. Yeah that's brilliant so it can be a thing that continues to grow with under the same umbrella of ben rector christmas. I think we're kind of honestly looking at it like it's like a air quotes brand where it's like you know not. I'm not gonna do it every year but like maybe every other year just kind of being like hey like we're going to do another run of the vinyl in another edition on spotify. That essentially will be apple music and amazon all stuff. That'll be kind of like another edition of this record. Do you want to write more thanksgiving songs or do you feel like that's the one i don't know if i could beat that one. I would love honestly to right. We joked about like oh. She just released as a gag. The thanksgiving song again with just slightly different lyrics every god this president and stay. Whatever i do think Another i think some of that song was a happy accident of like pressure. Just like this is maybe a thing but i think as soon as it was like cool do that again. It's like i don't know if i could. I would love to write. I'd love to try to write original christmas songs. Or maybe like a new year song or whatever. But

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