Buffett on Small Business: Its an economic war

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Berkshire hathaway chairman and ceo warren buffett. He joins us on the squawk newsline. Also david salomon. The chairman ceo of goldman sachs goldman by the way is announcing a two hundred and fifty million dollar donation to establish the next generation of the ten thousand small businesses program. Gentlemen thank you both for being here and warm. We'll start with you. You have not spoken publicly since the last annual meeting of back in may for berkshire hathaway. You weren't planning on speaking publicly again until the next one this coming may. Why are you taking time today to talk about this issue right now. Well i think it's it's it's so important that small businesses which of become collateral damage in a in a war. That are our country needed. The defied but We'd in effect bomb charlie At an induced shutdown of parts of the economy hit many types of small businesses. Very very hard and We made some provision for that and march in terms of the cares act but then nobody really knew how long the Now this self inflicted Recession would would last with this particular effect on small businesses so We need another. We need another injection to To complete the complete the job and congress's debating right now and i just hope very much that they extend the p p. A plan on a on a large scale to Let the people who may see the of the light at the end of the tunnel. Get to the end of the tunnel but So it's it's very timely. It's very important and And i do think congress will do something. And i hope they step a very soon because every day is important make people wonder why would bid business. Leaders are are stepping out and speaking on behalf of some of the small businesses. What what is it that concerns you about this. Why is this an issue that you're you're really putting yourself out there with well. Big businesses generally a gun very. Well not the if. They were traveling. Entertainment related days. They still have difficulties but The fed did a terrific job. The they saved us from something that would have been a lot worse than two thousand eight nine When they acted in march so large companies who in the middle of march early march were were going to have no access to capital The market just open wide and the corporate issuance was huge but the small businesses Received some help. But it's not getting to the end of not getting to the end of the tunnel and You know you'd say it's situation. Just take food food manufacturers. The big names Done terrifically people haven't quit eating you and and And the large grocery chains have done very well margins wine salesmen. Good but if you had to get your food And i small restaurant or medium size restaurant and and social distancing was required. Everything you just. You just killed the economics for somebody that may have been working for decades with our family to build a business and reinvested their earnings and improving their their establishment and then Through no fault of their own and edict comes along that That kills all their dreams. And it's it's it would be so foolish to The not follow through on this and enable those people to get back to where they could Do the kind of business they were doing before you know it. it it. It's an economic war and and And certain you know when we wanted to world war two a lot of industries were shut down and and Everything went over to the defense production. Well we've shut down a lot of people in this in this particular Induced recession and and others are prospering. At and i think that the country owes it to the m really millions of small business people. And i've met a lot of these people through the goldman sachs program just renewed ppp. And and Get us to the got us. The end of the tunnel.

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