The Skeptics Guide #805 - Dec 12 2020 - burst 15


They actually did use that tool the next one about canine language. Dogs demonstrated the ability to differentiate even words that differ by a single phonemes in time. I think dogs come up in design studies. We over estimate a little bit on what might really be going on here. So that's interesting enough. And the last one about genetic therapy for and inherited minor drill i disorder you inject the gene into one. I and it proves in both is so. Does that mean the is just a channel to the brain and the actual improvements happening in the brain Enough the i directly. I suppose that's what that would mean. I'll tell you it's happening in both is as it says in both is it's not in the brain improve vision in both eyes okay. So we're not talking about but it's in the is what the okay all right so it's actually happening. I wouldn't do that. I can't think of how that works. Because i am ignorant of such things boy that one. That one's really really something. I'm leaning towards the dog. One being fiction. I think of the three of these. I think they're all fiction but the most fiction. The dog demonstrating. I don't think we can get it down to a phony name. In canine language and again i think studies about involving dogs and language

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