460 - Rick Gellert's Venus II


Little warning this episode has a lot of sex talk so if you have youngsters maybe not. The best also pam probably. Don't listen to this your listening to the dope on the all things comedy network. This is an american history. Podcast where each week. I phone user man who likes couches new bookcase owner. Dave anthony terrible. You expect us to wait that long for that. Reads a story from american history to his friend. Gareth reynolds who has no idea what the topic is going to be about. Edit out the part where there was a delay. And then you're gonna add it out this part. That's referencing the delay. No because now. It's just going to get confusing. What dumb editorial decision you're making will. You don't understand the magic of editing every now and then i'll listen one and i'll go wait a second. I went on longer way longer. Why i here's a little Here's a little pandemic info for people. I never edited before the pandemic we would record. I wouldn't listen to it. We would put it up unless someone said something agreed that we wanted to remove which almost never ever happened. Then i just put it up. But now because of the pandemic and because there's sometimes delays. When we talk to each other. I have to go through and edit because it sounds weird the conversation. Yeah and that's why you've cut me down to. I'm no longer co star guest star on this show right so and there's a lot a lot of me talking and then not really responses and the reason for that is because jose it's like the original. Jose is now the co host and gareth is sort of the pet. But i think if you look at the numbers there's not a difference no difference whatsoever. People numbers wise. There's not an people that people love it. They love jose. They love. Jose's quick wit. They love his characters. They love us accents. he's good. he's good he's good. I'm not going to sit here and disparage the cat. He's good he's getting no doubt i just think when people listen to what they they missed the original. You know. mix of spices based on the number between. Yeah i mean the numbers tell. Yeah the number. Tell the story. So that's why i've been very you. You'll say that.

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