A.J. Green keeps future with Bengals up in the air: 'Who knows what is going to happen?'

Mo Egger


Green had a decent game yesterday He after the game was Noncommittal about his future is going to help him with that. Aj thank you. i love you. You're going to be thirty three years old next year. See it's not here not here. I mean this is. This is not something that's franchise should have to wrestle with. I do think you referenced atkins before. I do think one of the most interesting off season questions is do they move on from a guy who played a whopping seven snaps yesterday and they are roughly thirty million dollars to over the next two years. Do they move on tough. How do you not you have to start moving on from old bed players. You're your goal for the next. Three games should be to figure out who you on this roster that you can go with. It's not no atkins gino watkins. It's not going to be jay green next year them. We just we just let go of back in two thousand fifteen. They were good because for years. It seems like that's driven. The strategy gives them rewards player but andrew. Whitworth give your young lineman chance. Give some linebackers chanson and go from that. You have to figure out what you have. At some capacity because of all the whole we just mentioned in the last segment with the new england patriots cling to jeans seconds to about the current state of their team which is not great but would they cling to gino atkins. Because it used to be good a long time ago no or because. They felt like they owed him something with the pittsburgh. Steelers no with the baltimore ravens with lynn. The san francisco forty nine know what. Zack taylor's old teams. Move on move on from expense. Ami did it last year underperforming players. The dolphins were oh and seven and tanking moved on. Yes people what are they taking doing this publicly. Okay there now. Competing there in the playoff hunt. They went toe to toe with the chiefs. Like they're in a better position. I think there's a place in the nfl for jay green. I do on like a two year deal green bay or something. I don't know that there's a place in the nfl for gino acts

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