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Israel Story


That. Six hours later ghazi gets out of the airport and into a cab. The cab drivers israeli so he can't go into certain areas of the west bank so we stopped at the checkpoint near the entrance to till karam. Lets me out takes so much money. I grab my suitcase. I the guys like literally. Dirt is flying in the air. He's already gone. And i got what is going on and i'm walking towards the checkpoint and now mocking torch soldiers with a huge suitcase. Who literally look at me with their guns up. Not pointing at me. But they're like kind of lake. What is this fucking i doing. And i'm like shit. This is when it dawned on me that you are. This might be a really big mistake. You should not have left brooklyn. I get to the checkpoint thing they look at me they look at my passport and they let me in so i go into them and i tack their go to what my father told me to go to. Which is a section of the refugee camp that my family lives in hot l. bellona neighborhood of the bologna. The bologna is my family. Travel name and that is where i pull up and you know meet my family and then eventually they start taking me around to meet women. I think that first day we went to see two girls in western cultures. You have these dating rituals the first date you go for coffee or a drink never dinner you ask each other the same boring questions and you basically know in twenty minutes whether or not you're interested in arab culture. There's also this matchmaking ritual but it's a little different here's how it works you sit down. There's the men of the girl's family on one side of the living room. My family guys on one side. And then you just kind of waiting there. You kind of small talk People are like chain smoking these rooms and like i'm like from new york. I'm like dying here and then eventually girl and it's almost every time for bain on the girl comes out with a tray of drinks. She serves all the men in the last drink is fiji makes iconic sits with relatives. And then you just sit and you stare each other like something's supposed to happen. It's such a weird thing but a lot of these girls would come out of these rooms. And i'm thinking queen rania all the way. I don't think this is going to be hot girl. Come into the store and the first woman he met was beautiful. Turn out to be my seventeen year old second cousin. She was actually kind of cute. But the cousin thing was a dealbreaker for ghazi. And from there things kinda go downhill the whole time. You're there you're like. This is really not what i signed up for it. I sat with one girl islamic girl who asked me. Do you pray because they made a lot to like sit with the family. Then you sit privately but her brother is sitting in a room like watching you. It's like a double date with the brother who is like so like intensely like staring you down of this girl who's a pharmacist go. She's like a scientist and she goes. Do you pray i said. Nah i really am going to be very honest with you. I'm not gonna lie. I don't pray. She goes oh. You're going to go to hell. I was like okay. Well that just kind of just killed and he kind of thought of this guy anyway not that it was been on many dates in new york where it's not you're gonna go to how it's can i get the check please. All right. i guess she's not intimate. This was like you're gonna go to hell. I guess that's two columns version of can have the check goes by a week and a half guys going from house to house drinking tea meeting women. His efforts are fruitless on top of that the conditions of the refugee camp are really starting to get him. The refugee camp is just like such a depressing kids with no shoes on. People are poor dirt everywhere. I would take three showers a day. Nice jewish settlements with nice clean houses across the fence. Which i watch everyday and i wish why couldn't i been jewish settlers. Why why so. I had a nervous breakdown. Nervous breakdown being you cry scream and then walk through a refugee camp.

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