Podcast Taxonomy Consortium gives us clearer job descriptions



The podcast taxonomy consortium has posted. Its first white paper proposing standard for job descriptions in podcasting the product of five months of work it enables all of us to know the difference between a technical director an audio engineer for example. Where is one. Apparently they also welcome further. Participation charter has launched twenty twenty one podcast privacy. Report the free. Pdf explains how online privacy rules in tech will change next year. Red circle has launched programmatic advertising today for its community of podcasters advertisers. The company says it's the only podcast host offering a complete set of monetization options including donations subscriptions dynamic host ads and programmatic ads. Today is the last day to enter the ambiance. The new podcast awards from the podcast economy. Be quick podcast. Advertising barely slowed down this year. According to again in a i which has released the state of podcast advertising in two thousand and twenty a full analysis of the podcast at market portable is a new service that aims to connect businesses with podcasters. It also offers a search. Api the stitcher sub reddit. Pretty sight. Following the podcast. Apps redesigned thread titles. Include this update has altered the meaning of the word premium. And how can you make an update worse than the old version pouch. we're also on reddit slash. Our sash pod us. Nothing's going wrong there. The pew research center a us-based fact tank has released news consumption in a digital era. A paper that finds that more americans using podcasts to get the latest news but also highlights the danger of a survey. Several of those surveyed forgot that they listens to music podcasts until they specifically asked about them. Union members spotify gimblett podcast. The wringer stopped work for two hours on friday due to the slow pace of agreeing contract with the company. Edison research is planning a final webinar for the ten for twenty will showcase the company's ten most notable findings from two thousand and twenty. Like how rubbish here. It was and things that other podcast. Companies don't have to worry about launching a satellite the s x seven satellite for sirius. Xm ways seven point seven tons and work until twenty. Thirty six my is. I can't fix the country road or even the town. But i can bring my own advice from the story. Core podcast from npr. It's for new season with new hosts camilla shaney founded in two thousand and three story call has brought more than six hundred thousand americans together to record conversations about their lives. It's a wonderful lie. Is the first time audio chunk of mehta comedy. Podcast is hosted by ashley flowers and is a twelve part. Short form comedy show hosting every day until december twenty fourth and from now is a new science fiction. Podcast from q code. The podcast publisher. Who snags steve. Wilson from apple podcasts earlier this month as supplied that press release links to apple podcasts. Three times including an embed

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