PS5 owners complain of ‘frustrating’ bugs that stop games downloading and block 4K resolution

Giant Beastcast


We're going on with the hate hard drives four k hdr now. I've been reading about really. What is it on the d f on on digital foundry. People are taught some. Tv's are not playing nicely with the displaying. Four k hdr and four k. I have not had that expe- i either Just like a lotta strange little combinations of settings that that are are playing playing hell with how that thing you know works. I don't i you know. I think it's I think this is a bit of a betas situation. We're in it's a soft launch. We'll call it. I don't know but You know look. I will say this from from the perspective of someone who was playing with both of these things as they were leading up to launch. If i were to have bet on november november i which console would have come out of the gate stumbling Just in terms of like you i. Is this going to work. I would have bet on xbox doing it and man. I'm glad there's no bookies taken action on this. Because i lost that bet Ps five is much bogere in my experience then xbox at this moment in time

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