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Welcome back to the outcomes. Rocket saw marquez's here. And today i have the privilege of hosting emily riser. She is the senior manager of innovation community engagement with the texas medical center. She supports clinicians and administrators at the tmc member institutions as well as hundreds of startups and other corporate partners engaged with tmc innovation. You guys have probably heard some of the healthcare entrepreneurs we've had out of the center. They're doing such incredible things in her previous role at emc she was a strategist for two tmc x. Cohorts she contributed to the redesign of the tmc axe program for twenty twenty and started the tmc alpha program for local innovators prior to joining tmc innovation. She led and venture a nonprofit organization supporting entrepreneurship training and company formation in the life sciences. She has directly contributed to business development projects with dozens of local life startups and supported the formation of four new companies. So her heart is totally in healthcare. Emily earned her bachelor's in biology from emory university and her phd in bio engineering from university focused on drug delivery for cancer immunotherapy. So you can imagine that. It's going to be a really cool conversation and emily Really really grateful that you Carved out some time to be with us today. Thanks for thanks for being outcast. Thank you so much saw so excited to be with today. Yeah and so you have such a cool experience right you've been in the healthcare startups and you know you've kind of gone pretty far in your formal education with bio engineering. And now you're in this area with this like incubating these cool really forward thinking companies that are changing the game. so what is it that Inspires your work in healthcare. I think a lot of us in healthcare are looking to have an impact on how patients are being cared for and that certainly inspires my work as well. And i always knew that i wanted to be in the healthcare space but didn't know how to do that while also making the most impact that i could so when exploring -nology that took me into research which you know if you can develop something that s- impacts you know thousands of people then really feels like you've done something meaningful to impact patient care but of course you have to pick something good you can spend your whole life Working on something. That doesn't end up doing that. And so i've moved more close to the patient closer to the bedside throughout my journey and now i have the privilege to work with folks that are directly saving lives. Impacting how how systems are ryan and making things easier for clinicians hospital administrators and then of course the patients to access the care that they need. So that's what. I love about my job right now. Is being able to work with somebody different kinds of people within the community you know. The house systems themselves clinicians entrepreneurs so every day is different but every single person is working toward making patient. Care better love that you're so mission oriented in that love their by two as you as you think about the work you guys are doing. Tmc is texas medical centers innovationlab. And so i think it's a good opportunity for folks that don't know about it to educate them about it but then after you tell us about it let us know a little bit more about how you're adding value to the healthcare ecosystem absolutely so the texas medical center is that's really interesting. Nonprofit organization that was started seventy five years ago through a gift from the md anderson foundation and we don't provide health care so we're not a health stem but we provide infrastructure that sits under md anderson texas children's houston methodist small herman and twenty one other different clinical institutions as. Well as you know. Other research institutions universities rice university of houston etc and so our role is to be the connective tissue and dr collaboration between and among all of the different institutions. So right now that looks like data that we publish every day around You can go to our website. I you and see how were clobbering across all these institutions to share updates on hospitalizations and other things that are relevant within our hospitals or doing a lot of work behind the scenes to try and make sure that everyone is cloud reading and and sharing best practices. And there's been a lot of really cool work coming out of that but five years ago we also started this great innovation initiative which combines space talent physical resources that all come together to provide different actors to entrepreneurs that can work with our health systems. And so it's an incubator. We have a partnership with johnson and johnson j. labs and body and other corporate partners to create density around making startups possible and always relevant tied back to the clinical application clinical outcomes. And

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