A highlight from December 10th - National Dewey Decimal System Day with Travis Lux

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Poets travis in new orleans. I am on my way to walk to the library to pick up a book. Jamal was a little nervous to do. Because that means i'm going to have to interact with the dewey decimal system. Always been kind of confusing to me and just doesn't seem like a great way to organize but people seem to like it because here we are at dewey decimal system day. Today's december tenth. And travis said it's dewey decimal system day although travis. I'm not sure i agree. That people seem to like it. If you are a book nerd. Or i mean reader and love going to the library. You know all about the dewey decimal system or do you. I think although we know what it is will be hard pressed to site exactly how it works. All i know is that it's a bunch of numbers i think from my first recommendation. I did some searching in my podcast app. And the let me google podcasts. Came up this podcasts. Google things and shares what. It learns many times in a not safe for work way. This episode focuses on the mess. That is the dewey decimal system. Sure maybe it worked way back when when melville invented it but it hasn't held up very well over time so listen to the episode in. Give us your thoughts using the dewey. Decimal system day hashtag. Today's guest is travis. Lux travis is a co host of the new life raft. Podcast with comedian laura malaria. I was lucky enough to see this. Podcast come to life and even give priceless feedback as travis and his team went through the pr. X project catapult program. I didn't have to wonder how much i would like it as it hails from my favorite place nor orleans life for deals with climate change but in a very light and accessible way in the second episode. They talk about how climate change is affecting the oyster industry for a third recommendation. Travis recommends an interview with esther peril on the new sway. Podcast with cara swisher. Sways a podcast about power. Who has it who's been denied it. And who dares to defy it in this interview berle gives advice for how to heal this screaming match in a relationship and in the us after this year's one of a kind election for today's extra hot sauce. I'll say that. I've had many an waster in the french quarter. And maybe the one. I would not have again is the oyster shooter at the acme. Easterhouse it's a freshly shucked oyster with cocktail sauce and vodka in a shot glass. They're better choices in life than having one of those as the first thing you put in your body in the morning as always take a look at the show notes for links to all the podcasts mentioned in this episode as well as other life altering information to make it easy for you. There's also a link to a podcast playlist that will contain all the episodes ever mentioned in the show you next week. Some time for another round of recommendations.

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