Sordid details of Johnny Depp's private life made public


I'm fascinated by this because I do think at one point. He was a very, very good actor Johnny Depp. And now his entire life has just fallen apart. What has happened to this man? Is it Is it booze and drugs? Well, it's losing throat. It's also though, in the view of Hollywood, and this time the Hollywood reporter, which is kind of the you know, the newspaper that covers the doings out there has a devastating story in this week, which basically says that he has become radioactive. You might recall it. Obviously back in the summer time. There was this lawsuit where he was suing a newspaper in the UK for saying that he was a wife beater. And in this trial, it was revealed just dozens of emails and horrible behavior that frankly backed up, but the you know what his ex wife and with the newspaper said, and the judge agreed not only to the judge agree that the newspaper that could script called him a wife beater. But they essentially prohibited to him from appealing this case. Meanwhile, he assuming his ex wife, Amber, heard in a court in Virginia that suits about to begin in January. A lot of the same stuff. That was found to be un supportable in the UK trial, so he's seen in Hollywood is just being insanely vengeful. Not to mention a drunk, a drug use or incredibly profligate spending millions upon millions of dollars and in this world now With me to, um, the idea of any Hollywood studio hiring a man who's been labeled a wife beater seems completely implausible. He had a small movie that was supposed to come out last month. At a film festival in Poland. He didn't turn up. The movie was withdrawn. He has a project that he was gonna be doing. Jerry Bruckheimer, huge Hollywood producer on the life of Harry Houdini. He apparently has been dropped from that. And this is a guy who you know has a lot of things and needs a lot of money. As you know his spending his ethics so without these kinds of did paydays God knows what's going to happen to stand still love him, probably. But the fact of the matter is Hollywood will not hire him. So their love is going to have to go back into the catalog and look at old movies. But I don't think anybody's gonna hire him for anything. New. So literally, Larry, Let me ask you when you were the editor of People magazine Back in the day when Johnny Depp was riding high, Did you Did your reporters pick up stuff about bad behavior? Craziness? Did you have any concerns about where that career was headed back when you have good things about him? Let me split that question into Yes. To the first part of the question. No to the second. Yes, we heard about the bad behavior. Look, he didn't make a secret of it right? He was in a rock band. He dressed like Keith Richards. He kind of he played Hunter Thompson. You know, he epically did a lot of drug this was all known about it. It was part of his charm in some degree crazy enough as it may seem, like all things in moderation that makes him charming. And look, we made him the sexy man. I think twice While I was the editor of the magazine, he was someone who then and arguably still might have a lot of appeal. But at a certain point, you know, when you're pushing 60 and you start and you continue to act like this, it's not charming and again when you look at what was accounted in that trial in the UK not only just the text messages using filthy text messages about his wife, written tip Hollywood agents and other colleagues. But the kind of litany of behavior throwing glasses, the bleeding the fights the cutting the screaming, You know, I counted to buy a lot of people, including people who worked for him. Quite frankly, it's impossible to deny. That this guy's personal life is a mess. Now. We don't watch him in movies, you know, thinking about his personal life, but in this world that we live in now it's increasingly difficult to separate that behavior from what appears on strings. Turning our

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