U.S. reaches new milestones for coronavirus deaths


Virus vaccine US cases of the disease and deaths are hitting all time highs. NPR's Nathan Rott reports that Los Angeles County said a number of grim pandemic milestones on Thursday health officials in Los Angeles County have confirmed nearly 13,000 new coronavirus cases. Shattering the previous daily record. They also sadly reported the first death of a child from Cove in 19 in L. A county. News comes his hospitals are filling up regionally and around other parts of the country less than 8% of ICU beds in all of Southern California were still available as of Thursday afternoon. In the San Joaquin Valley less than 2%. State and local governments are implementing stayed home orders to try and slow the spread of cove in 19, and they're urging people to not travel this holiday season. Nathan Rott. NPR NEWS LOS Angeles Montana Governor Steve Bullock says his state is preparing for

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