Men and Women in Genesis 2 with Hannah Anderson

Knowing Faith


So let's just go ahead and go right at it because this is something that I feel like I've heard and I remember I heard this growing up not from my father he had better sense than that. But I heard this from other men in a church that I was growing up in will look guide created man I hear and that is that means that men should be that there I in society their first everywhere else this is what God intended because the of the ordering of creation God created man I hear are we to make something out Of this and if so what have been the what have been the wrong interpretations of this and what are some of the ways that immediately when we start off here if we start off on the wrong foot that's going to influence the rest of how we view this passage I mean Hannah are we to make anything out of man being created. First Year. I think if we actually read the passage, man is created i. This is what I mean. So often and just word. Because I it certainly looks like. This is how I liked to approach things. It's like here's ABC and I'm GonNa say let's go see. So let's find see one of the things that we struggle with when we come and start ask questions of this passage is our questions are formed not necessarily by the tax but by our context so we bring questions that we want answers to that had been shaped by our kind of cultural and sociological experience and. When I say that man was not created I, I mean that the garden was created i. so the creation was created I and you can't understand or even begin to ask questions about the man and woman until you understand the placements and they're calling to the world at large. So I think a lot of times when we come, we bring these questions about the relationship between men and women and they are constructed. By a lifestyle is very detached from the earth and is very detached from larger creation, and so we come with questions that are shaped by radical individualism and kind of a distance and a detached from the rest of the creation. So we come asking these kind of oppositional questions about men versus women rather than looking for an answer that makes sense of more of an organic relationship, not only with each other but with. The creation as well, and so before we even get to the question of manding created women's creation, we have to understand that they emerged out of a creation that already had order and logic within it before they came on the scene. So the reality is something like the category of maleness and female nece existed before human man and human woman came listening. We'll let's pause right there because I think that's pretty significantly said. Because I think that you're one hundred percent right that when we get to creation the creation story if we if we if we are going to zoom pass all of the logistics questions, we've done a previous episode about how Genesis One is primarily answering the questions of who created why not. How the method questions. But if we zoom past those typically resume, pass them to get to the creation of Adam and Eve right we're like we're right there. So it's like, yeah, guide created everything. He created. Yeah, Yada Yada Yada Yada. Okay. There's some stars. There's a heavenly body which is not a good tagline for sale evidently to JEB. But. But, there is the creation of man and woman and that that somehow that's that's where the juice is. That's where the meat is. Let's get there as fast as possible, but you're saying and I think this is really helpful point and I don't think it's something that I have even considered significantly, which is these categories of maleness and female female nist that. Are Now going to be distinctively. Would we say applied to the unique creation of Adam and eve? Is that the right way to say that? Well, Adam and eve absolutely are distinct from the rest of the creation I think this is a flaw when people begin to think and natural law categories where they begin to think about how male and female nist. Operates in broader creation the temptation is just to apply that to human beings and say, well, male birds do this female birds. This therefore, humans operate out there male female females at, but you're right there is distinct calling of the man and woman, and that informs their maleness and their female rather than the reverse. So you have two things happening where they. Are In partnership emerging out of this creation that already has a logic that came from the creator to begin with. But then they are being tasked as the Co regents of this creation, they are being entrusted with the very thing that they emerged from, and so you do have this kind of paradox in play where they are not separate from the creation. And yet, they are acting as image bearers ruling and reigning over the guard and carrying caretaking for this arden. So I think it's important. We asked him former questions that were aware of both sides of the paradox

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