Where Does My Workout Guilt Come From?


Hello, welcome back to diet starts tomorrow I may lean I'm Sammy and this is our episode of deer DSP and we have amazing letter Liz Liz Liz. And written Meta. Say, would you WanNa read it? I? Will read the correspondence. Dear DNC when I first started quarantining I'm working from home, she didn't comment us. Do. Just. To the corrosive. Point? Action how? Okay straight to the point. I, like her she also didn't sign it. Okay when I first started quarantining working from home I felt I had so much extra time to be healthy plan, my meals, etc. a lot of my usual time commuting was now start working out and I loved it. I felt and looked better. But as time went on I managed to fill that extra time with with more stuff at work or with my kids my seemingly. Extra time had originally felt like a gift, but then started feeling like the norm around here. So now it seems I once again, have pushed working out to the wayside. I know that if I wanted to make it a priority I could, but it always seems like the least important thing for me these days how do I take time again to carve out space for me? Thanks. Yeah I have a first thing in the beginning of quarantine. We were all that shit insane having no clue what was going on. So like if yeah, of course, it probably felt like, Oh, I have so much time not doing all the things they used to do. My life is so different I'm not socializing. Yes. Of course, you did have a lot of time and. And but it's not that I think I is like don't beat yourself up for the changing of the norms because we all got used to quarantining we all these new schedules. Maybe you're worker a busier and more demanding because because you're more used to it, maybe your kids I'm sure your kids are very I'm sure it is a full plate taking care of your kids plus work home. Let's start with. Like you're doing nothing wrong just by like not having time. So yeah now we can get to I guess how she could maybe like prioritize I totally agree also just to point out, we were I thought you were going to say we were totally crazy in the beginning of corn team. When do you remember when every single person was like? Oh, my God I'm going to get fit in the next year. I'm like I can't wait to make my habit tracking I'm going to do all of these things, and then there was like the backlash against it. That was like because I would have time to write your novel whatever all of that everyone felt like it was like a snow day which, yeah, there's more time in a snow day. But actually, no, it's we're locked down because of a deadly pandemic, right? Like don't forget that it's not like we're just working from home for but. Right It's also very hard to remember that but let's remember it and. For Okay. This emails kind of relevant to me right now because I've also been struck, not struggling to find time but like really the kind of I hate this word motivation but the waitress who the interest to want to go back to you my normal or what used to feel normal. Routine of working out and I got my on December and like I have like kind of these ebbs and flows with it sometimes go on it all the time sometimes I stop but. This week or over the weekend I discovered that Peleton has i. was trying to find like what's GonNa be? What's going to make me go on and I was like I wish kind of like go back to Seoul Cycle I. Loved. So I love the music of soul cycle and I found out that like this whole time Peleton had salsa classes. They have like there's one instructor Emma who used to be. Instructor and they were called groove rides and I only found out because I asked my like my follower Diaz tears who were like do the love well, groove right and I was a grew. I. Thought they were seventies theme rides proved. And I? I. Would Have Thought that too me I yesterday I. I was like, Wow, I have thirty minutes like why don't I just get go on the bike and do it and I literally On. My fucking alone Santa got scared. People we used to make fun of all, my God and I was like it was. So I didn't give a fuck about the calories I didn't give and it was like it was what I was trying to figure out was why was that? Why is this ride different than all other rides and it was because it was like it's that feeling of what am I really getting for and it's just this kind of positive. I'm listening to the music I'm moving it has nothing to do with like the. Someone forced me to go on this. I didn't. There was no external. Like should behind I should work out it was I wanted to because I wanted to kind of dance and listen to music and sweat, and it felt so good.

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