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Well, I promised the world's recap before the bracket stages and now it's time to deliver. I'm it rains is the Esports when it presented by E Sports Network first, we have to go through groups for people unfamiliar with the League of Legends world's format two teams get to advance through the group stage over for groups. That means eight teams have advanced down these groups were created through finishes in the splits and through play and qualifiers five Regional leagues account for the vast majority of teams, eu-china Korea and in Southeast Asia and North America off of North America sent three teams, two groups and three teams are headed right back home team liquid flyquest and TSM were the three n a representatives and each has been eliminated. It's a poor showing for the life in a and shows any as clearly fallen behind the other three major regions. Now before I get too ahead of myself, let's go through the groups individually group a saw China's tuning in Europe G to Advanced Team Liquid. Most pulled out a miracle of an advance after a poor start but ultimately finished with a record of three and three just a half-game behind g2s 4 and 3 in group be damned own gaming from Korea took the top spot with JD game from China in second Eves Rogue and PSG Talent from South East. Asia were eliminated group seesaw. Korea's Genji and used fanatic Advanced. China's lgd game about finished third and and he's biggest disappointment TSM finished fourth going entirely windlass at Owen six brutal finally group d t o p e Sports from China took first dog Rex from Korea in second and five Quest finished third with a record of three and three just like liquid. Although that one wasn't quite as close now group also saw the only other winless team unicorns of love to join TSM and unicorns of love was to be expected as they were the only team from outside of a major region with the unicorns coming from Russia. So breaking it down by region brings us down to just three leagues Europe's wage. Two teams Advance out of a possible for China's LPL had three teams Advance Auto possible for and Korea's lck had all three teams Advance. Well groups are a round-robin best of one set up in Brackets. We do a best-of-five that's a bunch different strategy than that round-robin format. It'll be interesting to see how teams adjust the games will start tomorrow morning at 3 a.m. Pacific time. That's 6 a.m. On the east coast and 4 p.m. On Thursday in Shanghai where the games are actually being held that will be the time of every match up in World from this point on unfortunately before we dive into the matchups for clarity purposes every record and finish. I mentioned will be from the summer split. It's the best marker of a team's current form and has the biggest impact on Worlds. The spring split is also important, but it can get confusing when mentioning where teams finished in two different playoffs and in two different regular seasons. So as I go through these matchups and I talked about Where they finished every single finish will be from the summer split or the summer playoffs with that being said, let's get into the matchups. Tomorrow's match will pit to Korean teams against each other day and woke my brother's overall pick to win the championship will take on d r x demo and finish first in the lck this year with DRX right behind them in the regional finals Daniel and swept DRX. Let's see if they can do again with the pressure of world still you have to go in assuming damn wants a favorite here. Friday morning is another Regional matchup this time two teams from China and swooning and JD gaming swimming has an emerge as a dark horse in world after beating out favorite G2 in group a but JD gaming is also dominant the team finished second in the LPL and lost a close finals match against t o p e sports team swept shooting earlier in those same playoffs. It's JD gaming is the favor but soon he has quite a bit of momentum right now. So that'll be an interesting matchup to watch Saturday. We get to the first of the western teams playing as fanatic takes on t e e e Sports man if fanatic pulls this off it'll be insane. No doubt about it. This would be the biggest upset of the bracket stage by a pretty considerable margin t o p finished first in the LPL found when the playoffs that's an incredibly impressive feat as the opl is considered the best region for all of League of Legends Esports. T o p e sports are the favorites to win the event according to a few betting places. I checked out a genetic is going to have a very tough task. But if they pull it out expect to see a Reddit thread with 30000 up votes when you wake up on Saturday morning and our final matchup is to Orcs. Most of our listeners will probably recognize Europe's G2 and Korea's Genji. It's two absolute Powerhouse is here gin. She has finally regained form after a restructuring from the days of Samsung Galaxy and G2 went to the finals berth. She ran and ran you're basically all year long if these two teams weren't playing each other. I'd be rooting for them both in their bracket matchup. Unfortunately, one of them has to go home the oddsmakers have G to a slight Edge, but this one should be super close process of the people changing their sleep schedules for this match ups. They truly could not have picked a worse time for me on the west coast, but I'll be trying to catch a few if I can once the dust off of next week. You can expect a recap of the quarterfinals, but

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