The Only Subject that Counts (with Eric Siy)


Hello and welcome to misinformation a Trivia podcast for ladies and gents love cool. Trivia and sticking it to annoying teens. At pop quiz, where are your host I'm Lauren and I'm Julia Hey jaw. We. Got A got a nice call back in the intro here I did do a fun little Callback d do You WanNa know why I did that found little. In, late and everybody. Because we have a reoccurring guest, a returning guest today that we are very excited about Eric See. Eric. Welcome. Thank you. Welcome back so happy to see you so nice to see the both of you and I'm thinking now that. You know probably there are some places still do pub trivia and they're mostly crazy teens that are yeah. Yeah. I mean, that's probably the case. So it just it continues to be. The, the intro continues to evolve but also be a kernel of truth. You know what I'm saying. So I really want everybody to think right off the bat start. Yeah. But of introspection get into the right mindset you know. So I was on our team Iquique Bowl in Chicago where it was so much on America's last public gathering. Was it was so much fun. Amazing time. And you were probably you were one of the less people that we hugged before. Yes you were the last people that are hugged as well and shared a meal in a restaurant with. Some we want per Taylor. Chocolate milk shake. Shake. As learned love and you described it the drink you to. It wasn't shrink that you chew. We really had a wonderful multi sensory experience in Chicago with you Eric and I'm so glad that that is one of our last memories of the before times. Good Times Oh. My goodness. Well, we are very excited to have you talk to us about something Eric. Please tell us what you're going to talk to us about today we're going to do more math. Top. Do. Best category on Learning League I will tell you Eric that my parents. Usually are very critical. PODCAST. They will say to me like I'll be like Oh did you did you listen to this podcast? They'll go. We want we listened to a little bit of it was. Wasn't your best you swirling much I, swore too much. They get that. But your episode was like Stars Stars Ten stars across the board. They loved Eric's episode. Loved Hello. Dave Tag Dave. Yes. Yup You got it. Right? Don't worry David Nancy Yeah they loved your episode. Solo. But yeah. Math everybody needs it. There's always a question about it. So yes, of course we're excited. Yeah. Yeah. Before I started did one Bailey who also did a math episode which is Primo episode as well and continuing the math legacy, and then you also had tangential math apps like the moon. There was a lot of math in the moon episode a lot of math cards episode. Yeah. Yeah. So much math so much math. Are you proud everywhere I am so proud I was proud of you before. Thank you eric kind. So, just to frame today. BOOT back when I was on last year of twenty. Nine. Hundred Twenty nineteen now. So the American curriculum has five strands of mathematics number and operations, geometry measurement Algebra David Analysis and probability, and so we did numbers where we talked about the history of some numbers and a Greek cult. Geometry did some calculus and talked about you know the Calculus wars, linemates. So now for today I wanted to talk about the other strands. So we're going to do Algebra measurement and probability, and then we're going to end it with America's favorite segment a mathematician you should know. Yes Right, up our alley before I start I had a question for the both of you Did you have a favorite math teacher and why were they your favorite math teacher? Goodness. I can say there was that. I had to favorite math teachers and their names escape me at the moment. Because once I left high school I kicked a lot of information out of my head, but I had one that taught us about Probability and I enjoyed like I liked that part. And I had another teacher who smells like cinnamon And he was very warm and lovely and he taught us calculus. Which I was not good at but. He was a very kind person until he got busted for throwing a math book at a student the year after I graduated and he got fired. So. That's my story. Julia do you have a favorite? Not I mean I don't think I could top that but I also had a good probability and statistics teacher in high school to like that was like I took a math elective my senior year of high school because I wanted to take like another art class and they were like Nah that won't fit on your schedule. Here's have some more math I was like. Yeah that's not fair but I did it. Well, at least you had one and I'm happy for that Matt Teachers, not usually you know the ones you out. So we're GONNA start today with Algebra and I'm GONNA throw another question to you. How would you define Algebra? Math with letters. Okay. Very good. I would agree yes. So we think there's you know it's when we stop using numbers and we start adding letters and so one of the definitions we use that that sort of promotes wineries letters use these letters to understand Patterson relations to represent ideas and think about the numbers in a problem. So you know it's like you have your watermelons and oranges and w watt among you know.

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