Why Rent Your Marketing When You Should Own It?


Hello and welcome to another episode or the duct tape marketing podcast. This is John. Jansen my guest today actually have two guests today, Clem Huffman, and Alexa are Sierra with south. Print in Charlotte North Carolina. So clemen Alexa thanks for joining me. I. Start with do you founded this business in Nineteen Eighty Eight Let's change in the printing business hasn't. John Absolutely. You're making you're making plates and slap an on and everything weren't you? Won't of copies a of plates you're right lot of masking but yeah, it's changed the time. Yeah. So so we're GONNA talk about some of those changes because some of that came about from you. Probably in some ways the reason you brought Alexa on his you guys are doing more than just print. So Alexei your. Did I get this right. You are recent very recent Grad of UNC wars I. Am I graduated from Chapel Hill's media and journalism school this past may yeah. So I get to ask you how is the real word different than what teach you about marketing in school? Is actually kind of funny. I didn't fully study marketing and. Advertising and PR. which as you know is Large branches of marketing. So. It's definitely interesting. It's it's been a great experience working. Here at socity Prenton getting to implement marketing and. Utilize advertising and pr just of those things outside of a school setting. Impact as you say, I think the thing that's so hard to replicate a course in an in an academic setting is that you know that customer that walks in the door You know you're you're you're not just studying. What they care about I mean you're talking in your, you're feeling what they're. You know needing and wanting and and I think that that that's the part that you. You know it's like trying to replicate stuff in a laboratory. You just really again, it's a lot more enjoyable for sure. So. So printing is a very visual business obviously. The. It's amazing how you know ink on paper looks different than on a screen. Looks different than on camera on the phone and whatnot. Has Has. All of the shift to the virtual world made. The case for a printing business harder and I, answer either one of you. Think it's harder. certainly. In the last recession we were. There was a lot of migration to the -Ture. Techniques Communicating I think now there are a lot of there's a lot of data that suggests that tangible. documents a postcard to use. The simplest example. Has a lot more power than it did. It's it does get delivered the post office pretty good at delivering and it it it if it's good, it'll be retained. If it's good, it'll be used. We've kind of connected the tangible direct mail with some some Ma digital advertising. Through a partnership we've joined and we feel pretty good about the ability to multi touch. Selects authority on my chest adore. I'll just let's just savable I walked in the door and I said, you know I'll just text you this stuff I, mean, why would I need I mean what's how do you make the case for? Just what Clem talked about the multi touch the multi. Mediums I mean, how do you make the case for direct mail or for a print brochure these days? Yeah. Little something that Clement I talk about a lot is how I think some people might misunderstand the impact that direct mail and More traditional forms of marketing actually have on business effort. So for example, millennials. Actually are one of the. Biggest I guess demographics that benefit from enjoy receiving direct mail so I think it's the data is behind A. Direct mail and more traditional forms of print marketing. Where it's the data speaks for itself and also I think because more digital were straightforward forms of marketing are popular. Right now is a great way for businesses to stand out by using Prenton.

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