'Weird Al' Yankovic mocks presidential debate in 'We're All Doomed'


But still gotta a while. It's time to drop some bars. Let's see how you freeze. Europe. They lived their forests in physical forest cities far talks about the art of the Dales has perfected the art of the deal. Bad things happen in Philadelphia. Bad things. He's just afraid to stand back and stand by. They're very fine. People on both sides said Maybe should drop a nuclear weapon on her cards have computers all over the place was going to want to take The cows. Wait. Here's the deal. Here's no idea what he's talking about going out with this pretty keep the aftermath. People understand he doesn't have a plan was really productive. We're now now at at the the auto auto tune tune going going quick quick Release Release on on that that debate debate parody parody taking taking out out the the cows. cows. Ah, Mad

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