Becoming a Friendly Vegan with Michelle Cehn and Toni Okamoto


This is doug from radio and stay. I am so excited to be joined by Michelle Kane and Tony Oklahma Okamoto skip sorry about that who are brand new authors or have just put out a new book or it's coming out when the release date for your new book it's coming out on October twenty seventh so it is out next month the friendly vegan cookbook we are so excited. Yeah. Well, congratulations on that we're definitely going to dive into some of that and things you cover there but. Before doing that I guess why don't I give you guys a chance to introduce yourselves talk a little about. Your background and and you know why you decided to to work together on this book. I'll start Tony and I run a website plant based on a budget and I have been plant-based for thirteen years. Now, it started originally for health reasons but has grown into. Of variety of reasons I've kept me begin for so long including environmentalism and. Animal issues and Michelle and I have been friends for. I would say we've been best seats for about five years now and I had tried to get her to write this book with me for a while at it. kind of went in the same way that I tried to get her to be my friend for awhile which. which was a funny thing I'd met her and I liked her and I just heard energy draws people end until I was like Oh man I really want to be friends with that Michelle girl and so I reached out to liking Michelle do you WanNa be my friend. But really I said, hey, have you ever WanNa get some dinner or anything like that let me know but she had just started working on world Vegan. And she said, I'm really busy right now focusing all my time but thanks for asking and. I was like Oh man okay. I. Know Big Time. Sure, those listening understanding the hustle especially when you start working on your own, it's like you sacrifice literally everything else in your life to be able to make it happen and. So, glad, Tony. So persistent as I am if you could describe me Michelle, you'd probably say persistent because I did not give up there I said okay. Well, what if we create content together the in content for World Vegan and we can do youtube videos and so then we started working together collaborating on Vegan projects which has really been the foundation of our relationship and so nice to bring that to the. This project, the friendly being cookbook. Absolutely I actually. Just preparing for this interview briefly before we before we got on I was watching some of the videos you guys have done together and they're Super Fun they're just I love the energy you both bring to the camera and. Gosh I hope it's not some of those I those first ones that we did where we were trying to act like. I'm doing this. Thing. Thank goodness. A Michelle. How about you? Yeah. So my name is Michelle Kane and I am a Vegan food blogger founder of the website World Vegan I create a lot of content on instruments while through the channel Vegan and my story started way back when I was a little kid I went vegetarian when I was eight years old and then went begin when I was in college and both of those choices were made just because I wanted to be making sure that my actions my food choices were reflecting my existing values of kindness, compassion and sustainability and all. At the time I hadn't even thought about health but soon after that, he became really passionate about health as well and realized that choosing choices that's kind of our planet and for animals and for other people is also so much better for our health. So follow that path have been loving it and for the past gosh thirteen years I've been really created, focused on creating content and resources to help make Vegan living easy delicious and fun for everyone just like with Tony and her website plant based on a budget. We do a lot of that work together now and we are so excited to be releasing our latest product with the from the beginning cookbook. Yeah.

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