Build The Red Team That Could Put You Out Of Business



Idea of Red Team Versus Blue team is something that originated in the military when they realized that the best way to train to defeat the enemy was to train against them. And so they created the red team whose job it was was to play the role of the enemy and try to defeat you now the same same thing that applies in business you can build a red team whose job it is is to try and put you out of business create the competitor that could actually crush your business and close you down and I reckon at a time like right now lots of people have slowed down a bit right? There's a lot of businesses that are sort of waiting to ramp up again after the various lockdowns and slow downs so, New Jersey, Now I reckon would be a great time to build a red team to try and put you out of business to create the competitor that would put you out of business and it might actually be interesting recruitment strategy to why not maybe try and put it out there as a bit of a project and see the sort of people that come in because the people that can create a red team that could destroy your business that probably the people you want on your side not on the opposition side just a

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