American Airlines, Sarah Fox And United Airlines discussed on Mark Levin


20 a lot of talk, but still no deal. I'm Lisa. Let Sarah Fox News House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin spoke again today to try to reach a compromise and covert 19. Really, I'm hopeful. They can produce something I I never say This is the last chance until election day, although that's 33 days away. House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy says the bill proposed by House Democrats is not adequate. I look at what our compromise bill Is all about. Well. Once again mentions cannabis more than a minute since jobs. I don't think those in covert relief Leave. That's the priority they should do provides a massive tax breaks to the wealthy and you know who would get the biggest tax break of all, Michael Bloomberg. The $2.2 trillion measure will be voted on in the House this evening. But it's not expected to go anywhere in the Senate. The lack of a deal having a ripple effect on the airline industry. American Airlines did say today they're moving forward. Furloughing roughly 19,000 employees, Then you have United Airlines, furloughing 13,000 employees, Christina parts and Evelyn's with Fox business, the CEO of American Airlines said yesterday. If Congress reaches deal and provides more funding for airlines in the coming days, those employees that were furloughed would be recalled. Fire crews in Northern California, preparing for expected high winds that they fear will fuel the glass fire, which has been burning in wine country and has burned more than 250 buildings in the town of Calistoga Governor Gavin Newsom telling people in the path of the fire to heed evacuation order, don't risk your life. You could replace your property. You can't replace. I love one or a life lost good in your own, And that's why it's incumbent upon us to take very seriously this moment more than 2000. Firefighters are battling the glass Fire. America is listening to Fox News. What do you get? When you talk to Adele Technologies Advisor you get

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