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You don't know about a true leader birth. You got to do more for more for the people that Finley they're dying can ask you a question. You throwing that? Can I ask you a question? Don't you think? I ask you a question. I know Trump isn't gonna do anything I know trumpeting going to anything, but how do you keep a politician? Honest? How do you make sure that a politician does everything he says he's going to do If we're afraid to critique him. You could still critique Joe Biden and vote for him Because Guess what? After he gets in the White House after after he gets in the White House. We're gonna need somebody to stay on his ass and make sure he helped those same people right? And he's promised to help. That's the proper pressure, but that the poor getting in there At least he's committed to doing something for all right now. You know why? You know, you know, you know, I know. But you know why Joe Biden committed to doing something for us? Because we've been applying pressure. We were applying pressure about him picking a black woman running mate. We're applying pressure about him having a black agenda. Thank you for calling people over there and vote for Trump. Let's get him into doing that. This's a four hour show. I don't know if you guys know who was there for the people to vote for Trump would tell you the other thing. Not only not only do I have I press because I want Joe Biden to do what he said he's going to do. I want Joe Biden to do things that's going to make people get off. They ask Bo in November because guess what? 4.4 million people voted in 2012 stayed home in 2016 3rd of them were black. And a lot of those people still feel like candidates like Joe Biden aren't doing enough are saying enough in regards to their interests. So yes, I'd be on Joe Biden asked, and Senator Harris's asked about putting things out there for us as a people. So on November 3rd, we ain't got no excuse. All right, Get it off your chest, Obvious gate of the white man. Now I got room is on the way. We'll tell you who just picked up a $36 million home to guest House swimming Pool Tennis court in Bel Air.

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