Dr. Anthony Fauci: US 'not in good place' as country averages 40,000 cases per day


Concerned about Cova 19 cases rising as the weather gets colder. Here's a BCS Sherry Preston. We're not in in a a good good place. place. That's That's what what Dr Dr Anthony Anthony Fauci Fauci says says about about Corona Corona virus virus numbers numbers in in the the United United States States right right now now is is the the time time actually actually to to double double down down a a bit, bit, And And I I don't don't mean mean close close when when I I say say that. that. People get concerned that we're talking about shutting down. We're not talking about shutting anything down. We're talking but common sense type of public health measures that we've been talking about all along. He says he has a real concern in Florida, where Governor Rhonda Santis lifted nearly all pandemic restrictions over the weekend. Carrie Preston, ABC. NEW time. 9

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