New York City Bolsters Social-Distancing Enforcement to Fight Coronavirus Clusters


And state officials make up numbers showing an alarming rise in covert cases and portions of Brooklyn and Queens? Get some people doubt the latest reports about Corona virus, Whether they believe them or not, the city is taking action. The Health Department will require social distancing flexi glass barriers and the wearing of masks at private schools in the affected areas. And it could get worse. We're will not essential businesses and a number of private schools be shut down and areas in Queens and Brooklyn that continue to spike. Bob says, Well, you may have to. They manage to crack down again and close summit in non essential businesses, which is going to hurt the people. But Gotta do something to get it under control, according to the Health Department and alarming increase in places like Graves and Ryan this morning, an 86 street also Midwood Borough Park. Bensonhurst, Sheepshead Bay flatlands. In Queens, Far Rockaway and Kew Gardens, although if you ask, Frankie says he doesn't believe any of it. People don't seem to be getting sick. I don't. I think a lot of it is political lives hype. And I don't think my neighbor's a word. But there is another trend that is not good hospitalizations for the six day in a row statewide, continue to slowly take up. Two hospitals in Brooklyn, one in Queens reporting increases. One

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