How Doris Burke Became An Accidental Pioneer

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We'll. So Dana I can you tell us a little bit about your own relationship with Doris Burke Yeah? I'm Lucky Kavita I. Mean I worked at ESPN for eight years. So Doris was one of the people that I interacted with frequently. I mean we had so much in common with our love for college basketball and we would just chat at games or she shoot me a text. Love that story that you did today you are. You're just you know you did a great job you knocked it out of the park or I would text her. So we've gone back for years and She's just always been the same. That's the coolest thing I can say about Dr is I don't care if she's super popular people are making t-shirts. Drake and all this, and she's still the same that she was when I first met her how would you describe her on air personality and her style in the booth I think what people like about Dr She's She's she's very intelligent and on point about all of her observations, he's got US billy. Donovan says excellent lower body strength and he doesn't reach over. Don't give the official even a window cut the angle. She is not loud. She's not there's no stick to her tough shot contest. Yes. Yes she says something and she really hones in her. She really calls somebody out everyone's Kinda like both. To Me is where Andrew Wiggins has stood in the corners on several possessions. Like steals reporter to. And if you talk to people in the game, they actually say that they they are very respectful of her opinion and they know if she has a problem with something, then there's a problem. We'll Dana you recently wrote a profile on doors for the athletic I. can you tell us a little bit about her background and her early days? She's like a lot of us or at least like me you know kids that grew up just interested in sports. Super. Star Sable. Start Tonight number eleven she moved from Long Island to the Jersey shore to a small town happened to be a park across the street and a basketball hoop and it was like divine intervention right? She hadn't really played a lot of basketball growing up in Long Island. But when she moved, she was young enough that she just that's where she went and there was never a sense of Oh Doris girls don't play sports. It was just whatever you're busy go outside and play sable from outside. and. So she just became a really good ballplayer where really good basketball players are often developed, which is on the playgrounds took all comers boys girls didn't care. The BUZZER GUARD SABLE Head. And grew into a good enough. Basketball players to get a scholarship to providence. We forget that that was a really big deal for young women. Athletes are just weren't a lot of them. That wasn't normal and she recognize it immediately as what it was. It was a ticket for her to get to college and pay for college and established herself in a career. She wasn't there was no WNBA obviously, she knew that this was the path for her future in her life and she just kinda followed it along. Well, she definitely likes to make fun of herself when talking about in her plane, I had it all going on bad hair bad teeth bad clothes, and the only thing I care about whether my jump shot would ever Mack my triple driveability. She does she downplays herself. She doesn't think she wasn't. You know whatever she wasn't the greatest player. You know she was more of a thoughtful player than a an athletic player that sort of thing. Yeah. I mean she's very self deprecating even about her broadcasting career, which is just hilarious. But again, that's what makes Dr. Stars is that she doesn't take herself too seriously. How did she get her start in broadcasting accidentally which I think I can relate that myself but in her circumstance she was coach she went back to providence to be a coach but then she got married and she got to look around. You know this was back when there weren't a lot of. MOMS that were coaches, you know a lot of coaches, maybe one or the other they couldn't do both and she really thought I want to start a family. So she stepped away from coaching and by Dumb luck at the same time Providence decided you know what? We could put a couple of women's basketball games on the radio and we need somebody to do the radio for us and Ella Dar's. You're sitting there. Why don't you do this and she did and she jokes pie five people are listening you probably honestly not wrong. Let's be honest providence women's basketball and some regional network probably not like drawing huge numbers but she loved it and it was easy and it was comfortable and that just sort of Begat one opportunity after another and an big break came because one of the men's basketball. Analyst for the Big East Games couldn't make it into a providence men's game and they were desperate and that she tells us hilarious story was at the emergency room with her son. He had fallen off the weight bunch cut his head open blood everywhere. She's GONNA to bloody shirt and they told her to come down and do play by play and she said, well, I can't play by play but I'll do the color and boom she's on TV and there she. Is I mean no intent to climb some corporate ladder it just sort of opportunity presented itself and she took it.

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