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That's cash 202 100. Me. I'd like to see it a little bit, maybe more right down the middle. Maybe you can realize that the truth is in the middle, so just now back to everybody's favorite middleman. Our number two of BB in the middle of and we will continue to talk about the great debate last night because it was a great debate to it was the last of them. I wish there was one more based on that one. But no, that's it. Somebody pointed out on Twitter last night that that is the last debate trumps ever going to do. That may be true. I That's kind of weird to think about. I thought he did very well. For the most part on go play. Some more of the sound will play more Biden and some of Biden's on even stuff. I just wanted to reference Sharon quickly. Sharon made several points about you know what the law is. And separating adults and Children number one. Number two Obama built a cage is number three These kids went while they're separated or getting great care grade school in grade medicine all of that, Okay, so Quickly. We'll go over it, you know? Only it was a bad plan of attack by Trump saying who built the cages? Joe who built in cages Joe and Joe wouldn't take debate, but not taking the bait. It almost made the point, Mohr so I thought Biden was going to say. Something to the effect of Are you admitting that you put people in cages don like, but they were going to do that. Yeah, but you but you, haven't you, but that's what I thought Biden probably should have done. Any answer. It's just because Obama did. It doesn't mean that that's right for you to do it. Would be a follow up. As to the medical yes, that the Melania Trump trip If you believe it, and I generally do I do think these kids are getting much better treatment wherever they're being housed, and they would from the place they left. Okay, but none of that is really relevant in the sense of If you're trying to give the image that look, our immigration system of is a mass. And I'm going to be the guy to clean it up, which was what Trump ran on in 2016 and won a lot of votes on as a result of it Well, We would expect then that if you were going to separate a mother from her child, you would at least have the ability to reunite them when the time of your choosing came to be to do that, and the idea that you have lost the paperwork or didn't have the number couldn't find a way to reach somebody. Over 500 times. Is not a good look. You know, we're looking for a well oiled machine here. Instead, we got nothing. And I do think the reality was that Trump wasn't ready for that one, which was Which is weird, because in a way what you do when you go into these debates is you always ask those around You Okay? What am I blind spots? What is the thing that they can get me on or one of the things they could try to score points on and I would have thought that would have come up and I would have thought that he would have been there. Been ready for it. He wasn't and it was just a bad answer. It's all Just telling Dave during a break. It's sort of them the idea. You know, if you believe that these kids are better off where they are than where they came from, they probably are. But it's that's the premise of the movie Gone Baby gone right, just because the kid's going to be better off here. You can't do that. That's not what we do, and that's not what we would want to do. So you can't And that's why it was a bad look and act like Biden pounced on Biden was ready. I was surprised, but he handled that one pretty well quickly. I'll give you one Mohr on Biden before we come back. Dave, do you have the Lincoln one? This one drew a lot of flak on Twitter. It drew some flak in my house to where Biden makes a comment. To trump and people thought. Oh, my God, He's really confused. Listen. Abraham Lincoln. Here is one of the most racist presidents we've had in modern history. He pours fuel on every single phrase ist fire. He looks right at Trump and calls him Abraham Lincoln and people are like, Oh, my God. Did he just forget who he was debating and all that. I actually thought that was a pretty good line, and I thought he shouldn't have done that MME. Or he should have referenced that a few times. Trump has consistently said when it comes to race, no one's done more for the black community than him as president. Other than maybe Abraham Lincoln And so Biden's point would be like. Oh, really? You're Abraham Lincoln. Okay? I think In theory, that's a good line of attack. But the way Biden did it with so clumsy it was a little bit confusing Me stumbled over his attack after he said Abraham Lincoln. And and if you're going to do that day, then you should have a I think it would be effective for buying to say, Oh, Abe Lincoln over there. Really? You know, it's funny. They used to call him. Honest, Abe. Anybody calling you on is dawn. Like if you did something like that, or if you had some sort of follow up, Okay? It's a 12 punch that Clearly you were going to be ready for. He threw it out there and then, didn't he? Yeah, He kind of stumbled over almost confused himself by it, and it didn't take it anywhere. So in theory, I thought the Lincoln thing was fine. But I can tell you there was just enough people in my house and on Twitter and texting me going. Did he just call him a blink in that? No matter what your intentions were, it didn't go well, and it just did kind of get a little bit confusing. Here's a tip for Joe Biden. By the way, I don't know if you noticed this, Dave He was talking about Corona virus and how he wasn't gonna, you know, do another lock down, but we need to have bar's closed and gymnasiums closed. Act. Two people call them gymnasiums anymore. That's like Havlicek stole the ball in a gymnasium. I right, Jim. Does anybody ever say But not that we can do this anymore, anyway with Corona virus, but music Honey, I'll be back in an hour. I'm heading to the gymnasium. But But Biden being older, and, you know, liking the reference things from a past time he dropped the old. We've got to keep bar's closed in gymnasiums closed. Yeah, I'm with you, David. My God. I'd pick up volleyball games off then because that's the only place I would go to do that would be out in a gymnasium, the old high school gymnasium. Gymnasium 617 to 66 68 68 your reaction last night. Obviously, we can talk about the immigration stuff ad nauseum, But there's a whole lot of other stuff that went on last night. That was really good. We'll break it down and you can go wherever you want on the debate, Antonio start off our two here in W. R. K o Hey, baby. How you doing, baby? The kids thing down, you know, with the solvent border. There are so many levels of of suspicion there, you know. Don't you think that CBS with 60 minutes? Don't you think they would be trying to find the parents to unite? The you know, unite their Children that alone a sudden was taken away from them. I mean, these kids, They were probably very, very possible that they're the Children of addicts. Well, that they're there. They're addicted Pounds, knows all the kids. So so, But the thing is nobody. Somebody go down with it with a camera and look for these parents that are so desperate. Why, looking for their kids? I think CNN did, I think was I said New York Times article with CNN. They they have been looking. And they said, Where this is really difficulties you get to some of these poor unconnected areas.

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