Funky Cheese Rinds Release an Influential Stench


Aged cheeses like Camembert taleggio produce a powerful stench, the funk of cabbage mushrooms, sulphur, even smelly feet and those aromas are chemicals that are being kicked off by the cheese or being emitted by the cheese, and that's through the microbes that are living in the Ryan's as they slowly decompose the cheese Benjamin. Wolf is a microbiologist at Tufts University. He says in addition to alerting our noses to the cheese the AROMAS produced by certain microbes living in on the cheese can feed in sculpt other members of. The microbial garden living there wolf and his colleagues identified some of those microbial interactions by growing various cheese dwelling fungi and bacteria in separate. But adjacent dishes in the lab, the microbes couldn't touch. They can only interact via the volatile compounds they released and when we did this screen, this volatile screen, we quickly notice that there was this one bacterium vibrio species that really loved living in the aromas produced by the various fungi that you find in a typical wheel of campaign bear Wolf says the Vibrio. Bacteria. be able to eat the AROMAS which after all consist of chemical compounds and the odor of the cheese may also switch on certain genetic pathways in bacteria pathways that regulate the bacteria's ability to thrive in harsh conditions like a backup plan when things aren't going well and you're starving, you can try on this other pathway and still make a living. But unless ideal substrates at around the end result is that the stench we perceive may also shape the microbiome of the cheese. The results appear in the Journal Environmental Microbiology has for the practical. This research. Well, it's a little early for that. We don't necessarily do our science to make cheese better. It's honestly a lot of assistance to figure out how cheese works. In other words. He says, the tools of modern micro biology allow scientists to finally listening to the conversations happening in these tiny cheese Ryan communities.

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