California jobless claims declined this month


Latest figures out show decline in jobless claims in the state About 160,000 new applications filed last week, and that is an improvement, according to analysts on the weekly average of more than 200,000, seen month after month during this pandemic, Michael Burning is a former state employment chief. And he tells can next that it is encouraging. The layoffs are slowing down, but the economy is still really weak. We contain it see ongoing small business closures. They haven't stopped small business revenues very reduced from the pre pandemic time consumer spending down, so this morning's numbers are positive, but these other indicators are still way way below what we had in the pre pandemic time. The new numbers also show a decline and claims from independent contractors for help under the Pandemic Assistance program as Thie Employment Development Department. Goes after a flood of fraudulent applications. But again, a lot of people still applying for eight and still having difficulty getting through to the there's a pole out

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