Censorship, political interference, and COVID-19 chaos - should scientists take a position in USA Election?


An intellectual elite it's a big part of his efforts to kind of push back at intellectual late the cultural late. But. Also. Scientists involved in regulation that puts barriers up around business interests, and perhaps particularly he's business interests so. How To know? Yeah, I think there's a lot of things going on a part of it is really a resistance to accepting that there's a reality he can't control. Me First of all, he's he's extremely dishonest and he repeats falsehoods just regularly even when it would be easier to tell the truth. So there's just a fundamental contempt for reality and for Truth and scientists are Kinda stubborn about insisting that some things are true in some things arts and he doesn't self-correct. He says whatever whatever he he wants to be true. He claims that it is true for. Instance that there's going to be a vaccine that you know that it's Chinese hoax that the climate change is a hoax all these things which are just not true. So I think it's kind of his relationship to reality is fundamentally one of the problems and yeah, you know the public health officials who are trying to share really useful life saving information are saying things that he worries will. Interfere with his reelection and so I think that's it's basically the other threatening his power threatening his popularity and and he just doesn't like that at all. It's more insidious than that. Isn't it? I mean early on we saw the wording was being altered on website science was being stripped out reports were being delayed the same to be an active censoring going on the this the donald trump stage show about behind. The scenes groups like the Union of concerned scientists like Columbia University Saban Santa have been documenting what they describe as attacks on science or efforts to silence science, and the tally is pretty overwhelming. That's right and that was specifically climate change was the first victim where there was political interference before federal scientists or their collaborators published their research at the Centers for Disease Control they advise scientists to avoid using certain words. Like you know fetal tissue again or climates. If justice was one. It's kind of policing the word scientists use. It's preventing them from sharing their expertise either with journalists or by publishing in journals and it's It's it's really slowing down science and also the federal government has lost just. So many excellent scientists have have been hounded out or quit in protest. And haven't been replaced. So it's really weakened. Weaken the country's ability to to make good scientific decisions The Environmental Protection Agency is now headed by former coal industry lobbyists so. And prior to that Scott Pruitt who who, of course spent his career as a an attorney general lobbying against environmental regulations. hold thought Dr.

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