California 7th grader threatened with arrest for missing Zoom classes


Letter that threatens to arrest a twelve year old for missing class missing their zoom class has a dad all upset the kid actually missed a couple of zoom classes are fourth child in this school and other blue get a letter Lafayette Parent Mark Trump says he was stunned when the family received a letter threatening his seventh grade son with a rest for missing exactly three thirty minute zoom sessions, unexcused absences. He can't become an other state and he could be arrested I said, are you gonNA come arrest my son and my home or trying to find me for not getting into his zoom class on time perfect everyday like his classmates at Stanley middle. School. Mass Trough spends up to seven hours a day attending virtual school via zoom the letter from a Stanley administrator list the three periods merrick missed and says when a student is absent without valid excuse, the student has considered true according to California law and down below the pupil may be subject to arrest the principal hairstyling middle school. told us the letter is a result of new state guidelines. This fall Senate Bill Ninety Eight, which requires districts to keep a closer eye on student attendance reached by phone Stanley Principal Betsy Belmonte told us the letters part of our responsibility to the state for our student attendance review boards

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