Big bombshell. Fox News has reported that the FBI subpoenaed


In this debate tonight because Hunter Biden isn't on the ballot and it won't be hard. For Joe Biden to evoke sympathy for his son. Everybody has kids well. Vast majority. People have kids and their kids. They'll do anything for him and if if Biden has given a chance To Ah, play to simply Carden evokes sympathy for hunter than he will do that. But the real focus here for Trump Auto Bay GIO bite Now the truly bombshell report some 100 bike in front of these in the first Guy named Tony. My Belinsky. Former partner of Hunter Biden confirmed in a 689 words statement that he Was one of the recipients. Of the now famous May 13th 2017 email, which laid out the cash and equity cuts. From one China deal and included a 10% set aside for the big guy, and he admits that the big guy was Joe Biden. So now everything Biden has said about never talking to his son Hunter about any of these deals is now officially been exposed as a lie.

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