In the suburbs. I'm living a suburb of Cleveland. A lot of Biden signs,


Week. Smile. Not take any any hunter Biden mate. And most importantly, don't waste the whole lot of time on hunter now. We all sit here and presumptively or presumably believe it. Trump doesn't know what he's doing. Because of the last debate. So you like you, You're you're fearfully is going to replicate that behavior. Afraid it's going to happen because you saw it happen once. And a lot of people have The same kind of fear. Then there are stories that Trump is going to go. In topic areas that the moderator has not. Announced. That he's going to make sure He says some things he wants to say, even though the crooked rigged biased moderator is going to try to stop him from doing so that feeds into the Fear that people have that trump. Has this. This is need to impress people that he's his own man is his own boss. He not going to let these moderators telling what he can and can't say areas where he can and can't go. I just I just think if he's just Calm, Cool collected does and take any bait. On Hunter Biden Because Hunter really is not the Focus, Especially with what we know. Now we now know that Joe Biden is the big guy.

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