Vice President Biden, you may respond.


To our next section, which is national security on I do want to start with the security of our elections and some breaking news from overnight Just last night, Top intelligence officials confirmed again that both Russia and Iran are working to influence this election. Both countries have obtained US voter registration information, these officials say, and Iran sent intimidating messages to Florida. Voters. This question goes to you, Mr Vice President. What would you do interrupted I made it clear. I asked everyone else to take the pledge. I made it clear that any country no matter who it is that interferes in American elections will pay a price. They will pay a price has been overwhelmingly clear This election I will gain get into the last one. This election that Russia has been involved. China has been involved in some degree, and now we learn that that that Iran is involved. They will pay a price. If I am elected. They're interfering with American sovereignty. That's what's going on. Right now. They're interfering with American sovereignty. The best of my knowledge. I don't think the president said anything to Putin about it. I don't think he's stalking them a lot. I don't think he said a word. I don't know why he hasn't said a word to Putin about it, and I don't know what he has recently said. If anything to the Iranians, my guess is he probably be more out. Spoken with regard to the Iranians. But the point is this folks were in a situation where we have foreign Company countries trying to interfere in the outcome of our election. His own own national security advisor told him that what is happening with his buddy I will his buddy Rudy Giuliani. He's being used as a Russian pawned. He's being fed information that is Russian. That is not true. And then what happens? Nothing happens. And then you find out that everything is going on here about Russia is wanting to make sure that I do not get elected. President of states because they know I know them and they know me. I don't understand why this president is unwilling to take on Putin when he's actually paying bounties to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan when he's engaged in activities that are trying to distance doesn't do it. But it's worth asking the question. Why is it that being done any country interferes with us will in fact, pay a price because they're affecting our sovereignty? You have two minutes to respond for two elections in a row. Now there has been substantial interference from foreign adversaries. What would you do in your next term to put an end to it? This terminators were answered. Joe got 3.5. Million dollars from Russia, and it came through Putin because he was very friendly with the former mayor of Moscow, and it was the mayor of Moscow's wife and you get $3.5 million. Dollars. You're family and you're gonna have to explain what I don't get money from Russia. I knew all about that and threw fantastic DNA, he said. The one thing that's common to both of them. There's been nobody tougher to Russia between the sanctions. Nobody tougher than me on Russia between the sanctions between all of what I've done with NATO, you know, I've got the NATO countries to put up an extra 130 billion going to $420 billion a year. That's too good against Russia. I sold while he was selling pillows and sheets. I sold tank busters to Ukraine. There has Been nobody to Donald Trump and I'll tell you they were so bad they took over the sub.

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