What swing state campaigns say about upcoming U.S. election


President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will both be back in Florida today for campaign events. As NPR's Mara Liasson reports, the state is once again a key contest. Trump will hold to make America Great Again Victory Rally in Tampa. Biden will also be in Tampa and make stops in Broward County, Florida, with its big prize of 29 electoral votes is always very close, and it's a must win state for Trump. He beat Hillary Clinton there by just over one point in 2016. Polls show this year. The race is also very close. With Biden and Trump effectively tide early voting turnout has been massive about 45% of registered voters have already turned in their ballots. Two candidates. Travel schedules tells you that Trump isn't super confident about winning Florida again, and the Biden, who can win without Florida thinks he has a chance in the Sunshine State.

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