You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf

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Good morning. Good morning coming to you from Portland Maine this morning. Oh boy, it has been quite a ride and what keeps coming to town either saying from Jon kabat-zinn who is the really the modern-day father of father of mindfulness is you can't change the waves, but you can learn to surf and that is what I am doing right now. I am surfing I am surfing change a big change. We're all surfing big change some do it better than others. Sometimes we're more graceful. Sometimes we fall crashburn and I am just reminding myself here in this transition in my life huge transition that to remember to Surf to remember to find your feet long. Your board I I've never served. So what the hell do I know but I could imagine because I've done enough skating, you gotta find your feet. You gotta find your balance or equilibrium and then you should allow your body to be soft and agile as the waves churn as the world spins so we can't stop the waves from happening, but we can continue to train ourselves to serve them. To be light to be flexible to be open and available for the next crashing wave to come because it will it definitely will see what I'm learning here in this just this few days. It's not even a week since I've moved out of my apartment and I if you've lived listen to the past episodes off to be without a home for ten days and we're planting ourselves here in Maine because our daughters here in Portland. So what I have to remind myself to do is to is to not hold on too tight to anything to allow myself to be until allow life to be To be more relaxed and less uptight about having to know what's next. So I don't want to make this about me, but I do want to use my current experience to support you in doing the same. To recognize that that life is spinning. There's so much unknown as I come to you hear the mid to end of October in this 2012 a year with so much unrest uncertainty so much volatility, right so much ambiguity, if you know the term vuka volatility uncertainty complexity ambiguity. We have no idea. So if we try to manage each each moment and try to control each moment and try to know what's going to happen in each moment. We will suffer. We will tense we will contract and so this learning to surf is learning to be more pliable and flexible and available. And open and allow the waves to come and go allow the thoughts to come and go the fear to come and go. The end of this week on Friday we're going to do a practice called Sky gazing and it's really a a fantastic practice to recognize the coming and going home of thought clouds weather emotion. And that is this this sense of being very malleable and very available to whatever the waves are like today, whatever the surface like today. However, your body mind feels today. To not hold on too tight to making sure things happen in a certain way because that causes us tremendous stress. Tremendous stress and I have experienced that in my life. So we cannot stop the waves, but we can learn learn to surf couple of things had have helped me tremendously in learning to surf are are my body practices my brain practices and in my thoughts on this protocol that I take every day that keeps my my neurochemistry in check. It keeps my equilibrium down at the wrong system of my microbiome balanced.

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