How To Be Grateful When Everything Sucks With DaRa Williams


Hello Dora first time on the PODCAST. Thanks for coming on. Appreciate it. Thank you, Dan. Yes it is. I'm really excited. You made time for the so thank you. You're welcome. You're welcome. You said something super interesting. What you said a bunch of super interesting things before we started rolling the first one I wanna, latch onto and. Bring back into your mind right now is use said you appreciate that we've been doing this focus on the? Four BRAHMA VIHARA during the election. And you said, I think there should be a fifth breath of Yarra, which is gratitude. And I love that and I want to know. Is gratitude possible when everything sucks. That's a good question. Is gratitude possible. Not only do I think it's possible but I think it's essential in order to navigate the sucky. You now. And when we think about gratitude, it doesn't have to be this big grand. But it could be something like I'm grateful I woke up with breath this morning you know and I'm not gonna down the whole political thing right now. But the breath is something we've all been very present to in these last five months in terms of how quickly it can be something other than available to us. Gratitude can be something as simple as waking up in the morning and really censoring oneself or really bit before this I do this even before my feet hit the ground like, thank you not to any body but. Just the expression of gratitude through my heart and mind that I'm here for another day, and then I do the listen and I hear my mom I live with my ninety six year old mom I hear her start moving around downstairs of bombs good. You know and then I hear my husband and then the cat jumps on the bed and we get a little morning greeting like those kinds of just day to day kind of small. But incrementally acknowledged opportunities for gratitude really helped to serve as a cloak or as a holding. To navigate all the other stuff that mostly all of us do from the time we start engaging with the world until the time we go to bed at night. So yeah. Yeah, and I also think maybe that aspects of gratitude are a natural kind of organic unfolding if one is engaged with Meta or loving kindness or Karuna compassion as its English word or Madisha. Sympathetic joy packer. Equanimity anyone are all those together we're in the practice of those at also Kinda fuels are strengthens this turning towards remembering. That we all have something to have gratitude about. So. That's kind of what just of showed up there in relationship to then and other thing of Abou- gratitude. Yes. Certainly these times are really off the charts and I'm a good one for saying you know. Throughout history, there's been off the chart times for groups of people at various different times but there's something about the coalescing where the coming together sn numerous. So many challenging and difficult things along with the kind of really. Challenge with. Moving away from all of that, creating the space from all of that sometimes, you may not be feel in love in your heart. Sometimes. You may not be feeling economists will like this. Sometimes, you may definitely may not be feeling joyful, but we always find something always find something that we can have gratitude for end. Every person every person I don't know if this podcast I'm sure it is probably heard outside of the United States as well. But if I'm speaking to the United States every person here including first nations people including the indigenous people of these lands. Come. From people where there were hard times. You know if you're a descendant or your ancestors are immigrants from someplace else you can bet they were hard times. You know certainly if you're African American or out of the African diaspora, you know that there were hard times and sometimes continue to be hard times and certainly if you are indigenous to this land, if you come from people who are indigenous this land from this, you also know that they were hard time. So hard times are not new it's not a new place to. Be is not a new happening in humankind, but fortunately for us beyond our ancestors needing to also just survive in those times you know like how food shelter have water all those kinds of things that's pretty much for many of us not all of us, but that's pretty much available to all of us. So even that is to be as stand under the shower like, Oh, I am so glad to have this shower hot water hits my back in the muscles start to relax. Gratitude.

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