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Pick. Okay, but Houston isn't doing that. Why would he used to not do that? Cuz Houston wants to you know, Houston's going to ride this at least one more year before admitting defeat but Tillman wants to save money. That's fair point and like Robert Covington's really good. Don't get me wrong. Like I really like Robert Covington and I think he's perfect for Golden State wage. There's a case that it makes more sense for them to have Robert Covington than the number to pick but if you're Houston like you have some real concerns about what the transition out of this era looks like a New Jersey unlike the Warriors. You don't have any sort of proof of concept if I'm if I'm running the the Rockets I think long and hard about that. I just think in in reality. I don't think that I don't think they are they are set up enough to to you know, make a tear down trade. I don't think that they have the I don't think they have the the wherewithal to pull the trigger off. That yeah, I do. I mean, I mean the money savings part. Okay, like I think that's that's a good point like Robert Covington is a really good player, but Yeah, I can't I can't imagine a circumstance where I'm not moving Robert Covington for the number to pick like even it's hard not to do that as a work like if I'm thinking about it from the Warriors perspective even like I think I would do it because the end of the day he really solves a lot of problems for them. But man a guy who isn't at all a Creator like can barely put the ball on the floor as a ball-handler elite-level defensive player, obviously, but not even a great on-ball defender. There are a lot of holes there to go for the number two overall pick even in a draft where that's like not the most attractive number two overall pick. Sneaky good rim protector very I mean obviously one of the one of the best like defensive hands guys in the league. That's the kind of thing that would let almost a planned transition where I mean you want to see Klay Thompson ring the bell get them out and transition and I looked this up at one point last year for his career Klay Thompson and she being like maybe something like 57% from 3D and transition. Yeah, that's not human say like this is where it gets tricky to I might be in touch high on that but it's it's it's a little bit of course number. So so if you were golden state, would you rather if Myles Turner or Robert Covington as for the number two overall pick knowing that you have an extra year of Team contrived Yvonne Turner? Man, that's a tough one. I think Covington is I I am concerned about I have more concerns about Myles Turner getting played off the floor in the playoffs than I do for Robert Covington. I think I agree with that. I still think I would rather have turn her. And that's you know, that's that's fair. It's that's a tough one. That's a really really tough one. I think. But like those those are the kind of deals like if you're Indiana, do you trade Myles Turner for the number two overall pick this year? I think they were I think they run and hide if they did offer that don't they I mean they've they've kind of wanted to to sort of break up the find a way to break up the the sabonis Turner combo for a minute and that's you know, you know that that is both a good trade and one that's I don't think I don't think it's a hard trade to sell if you're if you're you know worried about that. Yeah. Well, yeah, I would do that if I was Indiana as well. I'm trying to think there are other guys that make sense here if you're Utah. Do you do Joe Ingles? I don't know. If I I don't know if I did that's that's the name. I looked at. I don't know if I do that if I'm Golden State. Yeah, I agree with that. I don't do that if I'm golden state of so here. Here's a crazy one. That'll never happen that I'll throw out there you Golden State calls up Toronto home offers the number to pick for Pascal siakam. Now you have to do the there's there have to be some kind of cap gymnastics to make it work. Is that a is that a is that a a framework you even I wouldn't even think twice to not do it. If I was surrounded really would not do that. If I was Toronto, I don't think I would do it for anunoby even Even so it's even considering that you know, you kind of the all the all NBA voting went against you a little bit and you're you're you know, you're paying siakam. What is it twenty thousand five of the cap this year? Yeah, but your hope of attracting a star there next year hinges upon having a top-20 guy in the NBA Club. Right, but Kyle Lowry part of like attracting a star involves getting rid of his cap old. So and then like maybe he returns for cheap. Like that's not impossible but not necessarily but like part of it is relinquishing any rights that you have to Kyle Lowry. Is there route to cap space, right? Yeah.

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