How failure can led to massive success


Hey, their freedom fighters, Miami's Andrew Warner and the founder Mixer g where I interview entrepreneurs about how they built their businesses. You know one of the big hesitations that we entrepreneurs get in our heads before we start something is. Going to be a lot of time a lot of work. Some of our money maybe a lot of our money and Risking all of it along with our credibility on an idea on a business that I was gonna say could fail but let's say is likely to. And it causes hesitation it keeps us from starting keeps us from building on. Well, joining me is an entrepreneur who? Entrepreneurs hate it when I say failed but I'm going to say you tell me Charles. If you're uncomfortable with me saying he created this product called T. L. Dr Dot co he his goal was to summarize the interesting content on the Internet. I failed invested a lot of time into it. Put a lot of themselves into it. It's still. Closed. Upset with me saying the word failed you don't seem to be. because. I like to say that the the failure. To stock the more winning business. That's the point I was getting exactly what Charles just said that he because of this business because is bad experience ended up learning how to create businesses learning, what to create went to create it how to figure out what customers are willing to pay for how to get customers. And it's. This was not a bad experience you said. It. was a very good experience is not because you fail that it's a bad experience. You're. Always to to see the the good ways of things and the see that's a a an experience is experience and you have to take the most. It's an thing is what we did we geology are is that we look back at what we did and What we did great. What did he do? Wrong. And how we could make it. The next run. And you did the new company that Charles, whose voice you just heard that's Charles Micheletti he is the founder of to Ken. What they do is they help companies take the data that we're all building up and make it easier to express to other people find the meaning of the data, make it actionable. By making the data more visual in- it's especially helpful for CEOS and product Product managers who are building his software into their own platforms, but many other companies in addition to software creators, and by the Charles talk about how well he's doing with his business and we could talk about it. Thanks to to phenomenal sponsors the I. If you're trying to get your ideas off the ground, you gotta check out host dater. And I'll convince you later to go to hostgator dot com slash mixer to do it and the second if you're at the stage where you're kicking around idea for business for a product, I want you to check out my friends over at launch pier where they will build out that first version for you and their launch pure dot com slash mixer g, but I charles the hardest in most awkward and maybe the one that you're most proud of is What's your revenue? So. Our revenue approaching like millions of recurring revenue. Doors ten yet even more than we had an arnold since last time we talked. Yeah, you'd. For I would say approaching. Growing fast and. WHERE WE WILL BE A. Big inning for twenty twenty one in the few just of Schumann's and up until recently, you were bootstrapped about a year ago you took on how much funding? We took twelve million funding. To boost? The growth and to Elvis. A. Meanwhile. Though you hit what four million dollars in revenue by then by the time that you took on more than that, we we it's a six million dollars. Why'd you take on funding? Because it was the right thing to do it. Because you wanted to take a little bit of your money off the table. No it was the right time because we want to skate and we want you to. Higher more senior people. Because you you know that the right time when you see. Will hit some. Glass ceiling. When and if you don't have. Money to invest you you will lose opportunity to. take the market and to. Go Faster. So we knew what were you going to do with the money? What was the vision for it? So we the plan which is still the gun to to invest money in a few different areas of the company from is the product because issue onto leader of the growth. Strategy you need a Marie strong and differentiated products. So I would say that nearly a third of the offending. Will be used always be he's being used to fund the new version of the product, and the second thing is to a more senior people in the leadership's sue until then when we would strap only said for funders, full people driving like nearly. People Company and be wants to. The the company Kale, and also provide the people that worked at you can with a great leadership to ebb them grow in their. Career and went into Higher Sanyo people to do so and and. So we want you to envision says pitching, which is used to. Expand. The business in Unification's

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