COVID-19 deaths on the rise again in the U.S.


From the Corona virus in the United States on the rise again to justice health experts had feared in cases are climbing in nearly every state average death per day across the country, Rose 10% over the past two weeks from 721 to nearly 794 as of Sunday, according to Johns Hopkins University data. Former FDA chief, Dr Scott Gottlieb, telling a CNBC right now the United States is at a tipping point where if we took some aggressive, targeted steps right now, we could potentially forestall the worst of it. But we're not going to do that. And I understand why there's a lot of fatigue set in and a lot of policy resistance to taking strong action ahead of you know this spread, so we're likely to see a very Dennis epidemic. I think we're right now on the cusp of what's going to be exponential spread in parts of the country. Stein ISI, Certain states and cities react because the epidemics and more dentists there in Texas, you saw some action in El Paso, Utah's building field hospitals. Wisconsin's done that to you are starting to see reaction, but I think it's going to take more before we start to see broader based policy changes that have gone on, ultimately turn the tide on the spread. Confirmed infections per day are rising and 47 states had deaths are up in 34. The state's California

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