The Gluten Connection to Osteoporosis and Autoimmune Diseases


It was about an inch thick and she said, okay I printed off all of the brands of bread that I can get for my food supplier and I'm sure there are several in there that don't have gluten. Could you just look through those? And I just thought to myself wow here we go. There's a lot of work to do because here was this lady head food service director for many years and she had no idea that bread contains gluten. You know these were all wheat types of bread but she was super willing to work with me. It took a lot of work and hours, but we got it figured out together now compare that to just last week I met with the Food Service director at our Middle School. So my kids haven't done school lunch for a while they. Were done with it and they wanted to do moms healthy food into I've been packing lunches for the past year and a half, and and here the other day my thirteen year old asked if she could try hot lunch again. So I set up a meeting and. And Li, I, had all my list of things. Okay. I have to ask her about you know do you have separate silverware? Do you have a separate prep area all these things and she had it down even have a separate of and now to Cook Gluten Free Food and She said, she said we are already cooking right now for three other kids with feel EAC and then Marissa will be the fourth and then she had had a conversation with a mom that is probably GonNa Start Her Celia Child on hot lunch. So there will be five. So they've been forced into it and they've I'd have to say at our school they have done just an awesome job and I feel really comfortable. So she's going to try out lunch next week starting next week I only allow one day a week because I like that you know I like to give them the benefit, the psychological benefit of I feel like the other kids but I also want many days of my own organic, good balanced lunches. So you know what as we wrap things up today if you have health problems that have been unresolved for awhile and you think it might be gluten I encourage you to try giving up gluten grains, try it for six to eight weeks mark that end date on the calendar your body will tell you whether or not. It's the gluten by the end of those six or eight weeks it's not. An easy task. I can tell you that from experience, but I can also tell you from experience. It's well worth it. If you want a great resource, we have an online class called going gluten free, which had the pleasure of hosting. So you can find that on weightandwellness dot com and I just WANNA be sure to say that you as.

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