We're learning to live with it their quotes But as I told him last night, we're not learning to live with it.


Die with it. Biden spoke in his home state of Delaware inside of the American death rate of more than 220,000. He said the virus is surging in many states and argued that it is showing Noah signs of slowing down. Biden repeated a call for a national mandate on face masks, he says they save lives and called them a scientific imperative. The two largest wildfires in Colorado history continue to burn northwest of Denver. The Cameron Peak fire has burnt about 320 square miles, while the east troublesome fire has burned 265 Square miles and the two wildfires Our only 10 miles apart. The World Health Organization revealing Friday that Coben 19 cases are on the rise in many countries around the world, ABC STAHN and has more of the nearly half a million Corona virus cases reported globally on Friday. Almost half were from Europe, W. H O director General Dr Ted Risk Every Isis War that nations in the Northern Hemisphere are at a critical juncture. We added the leaders to take immediate action to prevent further unnecessary does Essential services from collapsing. Dr. Mike Ryan, executive director, says the organization will focus on helping those countries with a surgeon cases supporting our frontline workers in Europe,

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